How to Actually Make and Keep Friends as a Busy Entrepreneur

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October 18, 2023


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Earlier this year I shared that one of my goals was to really focus on fostering more adult relationships with other women in my life. 

Because let’s face it: in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, building and maintaining meaningful friendships can often take a backseat.

But what if I told you that nurturing your social connections can actually enhance your entrepreneurial journey?

In Episode 548, I shared who’s in my close circle, and the 5 different types of friends I think everyone needs to have. These 5 types are:

  1. Lifelong friends: College roomies, friends for over a decade, high school friends
  2. Lifestage: People who are in a similar life stage as me, like local mamas
  3. Likeness: People who have similar interests, hobbies, or career, like my entrepreneurship friends
  4. Unconditional Love: Family, the people who know you better than yourself  
  5. Leadership: Mentors or peers who excel in areas you’re hoping to grow 

All of these types of friends are so important to me, and in this episode, we are diving into the art of making (and keeping!) friends while managing a bustling business.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur looking to rekindle old friendships or a newbie trying to juggle it all, this episode will provide actionable tips and inspiration to help you navigate the world of entrepreneurship while fostering genuine friendships that stand the test of time.

Reach Out to 3 People Every Day

I feel like too often, people only reach out to others when they need something or require advice, missing out on the opportunity to form genuine connections. This is why it’s so important to reach out to others simply to let them know they are being thought of or to offer support.

Every day, I ask God to place the right people in my mind and then I reach out to them. Whether it’s just random or really the universe pointing me in the direction of reaching out to people who need it the most.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade and I truly think it helps me stay in touch with people but also support people without asking for anything in return. 

Plan Getaways With Your Friends

I can’t even express how much of a positive impact getaways have had on my friends, whether it’s with my college roommates, local mom friends, or my team. 

Some practical tips for planning successful getaways are:

  • Choose a neutral location that is easily accessible to everyone,
  • Pick a date and have everyone commit financially, and
  • Get buy-in from your friends to ensure everyone shows up!

I understand that getaways may not be feasible for everyone due to financial constraints or other responsibilities, but I hope this gets your wheels turning on how you can find ways to connect with friends more meaningfully!

Connect With Local “Lifestage” Friends

Since becoming a mom, I’ve really realized how isolating motherhood can be, and it has caused me to really value the friendships I’ve cultivated with local mamas.

We check in on each other every few weeks in a text thread and we plan one get-together every month, and I highly recommend this for other moms!

I really appreciate this group because they are in such a similar stage of parenthood, we share funny texts like: “Keep it real,  how many times a week do you bathe your kids?” and we also remind each other of things like sending veggies to school so the kids can make their “stone soup!”

Start Group Texts

Hear me out, because I know you’ve been on group text chains that you are dying to get off of or you never asked to be on, but I’ve found so much power in not making it a two way conversation but leaving room for more people to carry it. That way you don’t feel as much urgency to respond or guilt if you can’t immediately respond!

Most of my group texts are like 3 people so my college roomies or my friends from Wisconsin and it’s a small group but it helps us all stay in the loop with each other with less communication. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out, ask for advice, share something good. You can set the tone of what’s happening in the text thread. Just this morning, we helped a friend nail down her job description for new business cards in a text thread!

Join Book Clubs

Growing up my mom had a “sewing club” with her friends and they never once brought a needle and thread. It was a cute play where once a month they got together and circulated who was the host. 

During COVID, some of my friends and family and I started a book club and it was so much fun!

We took a little hiatus this summer because we’re all busy but having those conversations has been so fun and since I read a lot anyway, it’s been a fun way to discuss books and connect with others.

Book A Spa Day

There aren’t a lot of indulgences that I spend my money on, but I LOVE a good spa to recharge and connect with my loved ones.

I totally understand that a “spa night at home” might be more in your budget right now, so do what’s best for you but this year, I’ve been able to do more girl time than ever before because every woman I know needs a good rub down and a cozy robe. 

It’s also nice because this kind of trip you actually go home feeling more rested and recharged vs. exhausted or recovering – which I think most of us need in this season of life!

Get An Accountability Partner

This one is huge, especially with my entrepreneurial friends! 

Check out this stat: Individuals who shared their goals with an accountability partner were 65% more likely to achieve those goals compared to those who did not have an accountability partner.

I am not someone who’s super private with goals or secretive so if you have a friend in your life who’s trying something new or going after the same goal, inviting in accountability can be a fun way to stay in touch AND increase the likelihood of your success.

Connect With Fellow Goal Diggers!

If this episode left you feeling inspired to organize friendships in your life and you’re looking for like-minded people who understand your entrepreneurial spirit, join the Goal Digger Podcast Insiders Facebook group

It is an amazing community of business owners from all over the world who are digging their biggest goals together. I know just how lonely entrepreneurship can be, and you don’t need to do it alone, friend!

Join the Goal Digger Podcast Insiders Facebook group now!

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