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June 26, 2020


K, so… let me do a little check-in with ya real quick. I feel like most of us fall into 1 of 3 categories during this weird time of a real life pandemic. The first: the do it all, make moves, take names, complete to-do lists, and produce and progress like a maniac kind of quarantiner. The second: the slow down, find comfort in doing less, happy to stay in PJs all day sort of quarantiner. And the third: a combination quarantiner who gets up and kicks butt some days and others, would rather back off, unplug, and Netflix and chill. Which one are you?

There’s no shame no matter where you fall. Seriously, each coping method is totally valid. I also think it’s a testament to the fact that we all handle things differently. And, that there’s no “right” way to handle a global crisis. I probably fall in the third category, somewhere flat in the middle of productive and stepping back. For those who are using this time to pursue big things, I wanted to take this time to share some resources with you. I know how it can feel when you’re inspired but don’t know how to take action, so I’m sharing ways to harness all your productive energy.

I actually think now’s an ideal time to plan a new business venture because we see that there are so many needs to be filled when things hit the fan. If you have a goal or an idea bubbling up within you and you have the time to go for it, then I want to help you take that vision and run. Here are 5 resources that will help you enter the online business world with less hurdles and roadblocks in your way. Let’s get into it!

01. How to Make $1000 in A Month With a New Online Business

Never launched a thing before? Then this podcast episode is for you. Here’s the deal: I truly believe we all have gifts and knowledge worthy of sharing with the world. But we’re often too close to our own gifts to KNOW how golden they are. The things you’ve studied or taught yourself or learned through trial and error — they are invaluable. And people would actually pay to know what you know.

I’ll teach you how to bundle up that knowledge into a mini-course that gets people results, and opens the door to your new online business. You don’t need a fancy website. A huge following isn’t necessary. You just need the understanding that what you know is worth sharing. Get it out there and start making money from the knowledge you already possess (yes, for real!)

02. How to Turn a Major Profit with Just ONE Product

This is another testament to the simplicity that can come from just ONE offer, the right offer. Danielle Leslie came on the podcast to share how she overcomplicated her business from the start, and eventually pared back to offering just one course. She also just has one email funnel to promote her course, which is sorta unheard of in this online business world. But I LOVE the thought of completely paring down what can easily become complex.

If you’re thinking about launching a course or some other digital product or service, give this episode a listen to see Danielle’s exact process for simplifying her offer. And getting it into the hands of the RIGHT people. She’s made millions from her simplified offer, plus she’s a bundle of knowledge and I learned so much from this convo.

03. How to Reach Dream Clients Using Your Fav Website… Pinterest!

It STILL shocks me that Pinterest is the number one source of traffic for my website! Like, who knew this place we hang out at to get enchilada recipes and bathroom reno inspiration can actually boost a business? This Goal Digger episode will walk you through how to use the platform to get more eyes on your content and offer.

The added bonus? It doesn’t take more than an hour of strategy and application a week when you do it the right way! Your dream clients and customers likely hang out on the platform. So learn how you can position your brand and strategy easily to capture their attention and get them to click through.

04. How to Add Extra Revenue Streams to A Business

Income is more uncertain than ever right now. So if you’re putting the final touches on an offer or you have one completed and out there already, then maybe it’s time to start thinking of coinciding ways to bring in revenue. There are actually pretty simple ways to diversify your income, and you can likely implement a few of these in a couple weeks to a month without a headache.

This blog post walks you through 8 ways to add more revenue streams to your business. It also details how I’ve spread out the ways I bring in more moolah. If nothing else, it’ll give you more options for how to connect and serve your people. At best, you’ll start earning a larger profit and be able to provide even more resources, support, and opportunities for your community!

05. How to Start Your Email List & Speak Directly to Your Customers

When starting out in the online business world, I see people focusing heavily on social media. While I love me some social strategy, the true bread and butter lies in the email list. You can shout into the void of social media, or you can strategically curate a list of people ACTUALLY interested in your offer, and then show up in their inbox to chat directly with them. Which would you choose?

Well, luckily you don’t have to choose — both are still important — but I’d emphasize starting and growing your list far and above focusing on growing your social media following. This post breaks down starting a list for the novice. Like it has the bare-bones steps to getting started without confusion or complications, and how to easily let people sign up for your email list.

If you’re ready to start an online business then let this post be your resource guide for curating your first offer, speaking to your people directly, and then growing your business with added revenue streams later on. I know it’s scary and a big deal to take action on an idea, but I would love to cheer you on and help to remove the barriers to entry in this online business world! And trust me, once you get a little momentum and see the power of online business and helping others through a computer screen, you’ll be so overjoyed you made the leap to go for it!

Want more support as you start your list?

Join my FREE email list mini-course to go from 0 to 250+ subscribers in just a month!

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