5 Lessons Learned from Joanna Gaines

February 7, 2018



When I wrote down goals for this podcast before I had recorded a single episode, she was at the top of my list for hopes on who to interview. It’s no secret that Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal, after watching her for years, she’s become a woman of inspiration in my life.

Beyond the shiplap and perfectly styled kitchens, I’ve been watching a woman who is changing lives through her ability to create connections while still maintaining what’s most important to her and through listening to the calls she is getting as her empire continues to grow and expand.

What do you say, Goal Diggers? Let’s dig into the 5 biggest lessons I’ve learned from Joanna Gaines.Cheers to THE lady, Joanna Gaines!


If you’ve ever gone back to watch the first season of Fixer Upper, you’ll notice that Chip and Jo did NOT show off their personalities, in fact, the show used to be far more dry. It’s clear that over the years, they’ve gotten far more comfortable in front of the cameras and it’s obvious that the more they share their lives, the behind the scenes, and snippets of their family, the more the world has fallen in love with them.

How to apply this lesson:
When starting out, it’s easy to look at what everyone else is doing and try to blend in. Most of the time we do this because we naturally feel like a fraud. Season one felt like Chip and Jojo were doing what other shows on HGTV had done: it was a more monotone look at things and the secret sauce happened when they let people in and became personalities and not just hosts.


If you’ve never heard Joanna’s testimony, it’s one that has stuck with me years later. It’s wild to think of how different life could be for the Gaines’s family if she had placed her worth, her identity in that business and not listened to her gut. Having that season of closing so she could be a mama ideally led them to the show and SO. MUCH. MORE.

How to apply this lesson:
There have been seasons as an entrepreneur where something feels out of alignment, or I realize the passion I once had is gone. Sometimes we have to leave our pride at the door and let go of an idea or project and sometimes we have to accept those seasons of growth and change when our business might need to take the backseat.


It’s no secrets the Gaines’ family has expanded their brand from just a TV show to about everything under the sun: Magnolia Market, collaborations with Target, Pier 1, they have books, a restaurant, a bakery, a bed and breakfast, and SO MUCH MORE. One thing I appreciate about their crazy expansion is that they’ve always stayed true to their brand and their vision.

How to apply this lesson:
Be known for one thing and build a brand, not just a business. Then when you demand increases and opportunities present themselves, you have to decipher if you’re making decisions that are in total alignment with what your brand IS making decisions that are on brand and make sense with the direction you want to go. As you grow, expand to different ventures and create a multifaceted business that has many revenue streams while growing a team that supports your overall vision.


One of Joanna’s BEST gifts is that she makes herself feel like a trusted friend. You learn about her and pick up on little mannerisms that make it seem like you’ve known her forever. I feel like people talk about her like they’re real friends and her name has become a household name in the sense that she resonates with so many audiences without repelling many. She feels like the girl next door, someone who’s in a pew at church on a Sunday morning, or a friend you’d meet for coffee while the kids run around outside barefoot… not that I’ve envisioned myself being her real life friend or anything.

How To Apply This Lesson:
Let Joanna lead by example in showing us how important it is to create connection points beyond what you do. One of the best compliments someone can give you is saying “I feel like I already know you” because we know as entrepreneurs the know/like/trust factor is critical and so to get past that “know” stage just in how you share your life is GIANT and can contribute oodles of success to your entrepreneurial journey.


One of the reasons I admire Joanna so much is the ability to let go and move on. After dominating HGTV for four years, they are done recording new episodes of their show and something tells me they have even bigger plans for their brand and business. I think it’s incredible that they are making this decision while it might seem like they are peaking, but you have to understand that these past four years they’ve built a following and an audience that is OBSESSED with everything they touch and I have a feeling like they are going out on their own and betting on themselves instead of building other people’s brands.

How To Apply This:
When you’re building a business, a lot of times the work that you get offers on is to help further other people’s brands (examples: sponsors, sponsored posts or collaborations, etc.) but there comes a time when it’s MORE worth it to bet on yourself and take control of where you are going.

In conclusion,

I’ve learned a lot from watching the show: like how to make shiplap work and how many throw pillows to put on a couch to make it look like home, but beyond all that I’ve been watching a woman who is changing lives through her ability to create connections while still maintaining what’s most important to her and through listening to the calls she is getting as her empire continues to grow and expand.

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  1. Nichole says:

    Jenna, the thing that keeps me coming back to your show every week is your Faith. You aren’t afraid to talk about the glory and beauty that is in keeping God in front of your business. I love this episode ( and not just because I am also a little obsessed with Joanna) but because you are inspired by her faith to listen.

    You are amazing! I love you girl!!

  2. Dana says:

    I looove your podcast
    Are there show notes for the podcast episodes?



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