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December 19, 2022


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There’s a specific unique kind of magic that happens when Marie Forleo enters the conversation. And guys, she is stepping into the chat in a big way today. In fact, she invited me to come onto her show, The Marie Forleo Podcast, where she and I unfold a candid, vulnerable, unapologetic dialogue that I knew I needed to bring you into.

If you aren’t already subscribed to Marie’s podcast, then search her name in your favorite podcast app and tap that follow button. You are going to love having Marie teach you each and every week, I certainly do. 

In this conversation that previously aired on her podcast, I’m divulging aspects about living with a level of internet fame, a perspective that Marie absolutely understands, and what I’ve learned from my experiences that I think can help you as you journey through building a vulnerability into the work and career you build, too. So let’s dive on into this timely conversation together, shall we?

Know What You Don’t Want

Marie and I explored so many different stories from my first book, How Are You, Really? during our conversation, including the moment in my life when I decided that I didn’t want to be chained to a desk, looking at pictures of my life rather than living it. 

Are you in a place where you’re not sure what you want, but you know what you don’t want? Is your current reality something you definitely don’t want to sustain long term? I was there when my boss in my corporate job handed me a five year plan. I didn’t want the life on the page, so I decided to find a way out of it. 

My $300 Craigslist camera was the start of my ‘way out’, except I didn’t intend it to be. I simply saw it as a way to find passion again, that childlike wonder that corporate life sucked out of me. It turned into the business that changed my life, and it all started with knowing what I didn’t want. 

Not a Story

Marie asked me about the time I went viral for a photo I posted with my husband, Drew. You wouldn’t think a photo of a husband and wife together would break the internet, but what I put in the caption had TV producers calling and thousands of people on the internet talking… Some of them said pretty hurtful things that hit at the core of my insecurities at the time. 

I remember thinking as I fielded calls from the producers at the Ellen Show, “What is the story here? That two people love each other and their bodies look different? I’m so confused, but thank you for this opportunity.”

“Going viral” was absolutely something I would do again, but it wasn’t an experience I could control or predict. As these strangers on the internet started calling out my body size and comparing it to my husband who was dubbed “Mr. Six Pack”, I had to figure out how to be at peace with what I knew to be true about our relationship – that I am loved by Drew for more than my body and more than its size. 

Peaceful Pursuit

Marie and I talked about how sometimes when we get into rooms and sit up to tables with other people in our industry, it begins a contest to see who has the bigger team, who is doing the most, and who is working the hardest. So many of these other entrepreneurs have bigger businesses than me and are hitting massive monetary milestones, but they seem so unhappy, burnt out, and like they’re missing out on their actual lives.

I told Marie about one night after a particular event when I was back on my living room floor eating takeout sushi thinking, “They may have way bigger businesses, but I have a way higher level of happiness.” And I say that to mean I am in a peaceful pursuit. 

I recognize that when you put a dot on the map of the goal, if you’re not enjoying the 98% or 99% of the journey that leads to the dot, you’re missing it. I think a lot of people miss that pursuit. And I want a peaceful pursuit.

More from this Episode

I hope you’ll tune in to hear how Marie Forleo leads me through so many topics that I don’t often get to touch on the Goal Digger Podcast. If you love this chat, be sure to follow and tune into her show, The Marie Forleo Podcast, for even more conversations to inspire and challenge you.

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