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November 22, 2021


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Is PR part of your plan? As a solo-preneur, adding “publicist” to the long list of titles under your name might feel like a stretch of your already thin time, but once you hear this conversation, you’ll see the power of even a little time devoted to landing media coverage for your brand.

Jen Gottlieb, Co-founder and Chief Mindset Officer for the acclaimed PR company, Super Connector Media, uses her decade of performance and mindset experience to help entrepreneurs connect with the media so they can share their knowledge with the masses.

This conversation is packed with actionable insights — what exactly is PR? How does it integrate with your marketing and advertising strategies? Where should you begin as your own publicist? And what can you do right now to land the coverage you deserve?

Do the Scary Thing

Jen Gottlieb’s career has been defined by doing the things she was really scared to do. Jen learned from the successful people around her that the one thing they all have in common is the power to be uncomfortable and still do the thing that scares them. 

Whether it was auditioning and landing her dream role on Broadway or launching her business, Super Connector Media, Jen recognizes now that getting uncomfortable and acting anyway is one of her superpowers.

What is PR?

Public relations, PR for short, is what give you the two most important things that you need as an entrepreneur — authority and credibility. Anyone can say they’re the best in their field and promote themselves as a leader on social media and their own platforms, but as Jen says, “Where PR and mainstream media comes into play with really, really skyrocketing your business, it’s not just you saying you’re awesome, it’s a trusted, more credible source saying you’re awesome.”

PR gives your potential clients more trust in you because a known and respected source has given their stamp of approval for your products and services. Jen shared, “What I like to say is that PR is like the magical fairy dust that you sprinkle on top of your marketing.”

The Top 20 Tool

Part of getting mainstream media coverage is pitching your stories to the media outlets. One of Jen’s most frequently asked and answered questions is, “What makes a good pitch? How do I get someone to open and read my pitch?” The key here isn’t always in the words you write… It’s all about relationships. That’s the leg up in more PR pitch scenarios. 

Jen said, “Every single person that’s listening to this podcast, every single person, I don’t care how far along you are in your business, or if you’re just starting out, you actually have all the relationships that you need to be able to get in the media in your current network, you just have to figure out a way to work that network, to find those relationships and open up those doors.”

So… How? Jen says you just need to use the Top 20 Tool. It starts with a sheet of paper with four columns titled Name, Influence, How Likely to Help, and a Total Score. You have to hit play to hear how this tool works — it will be game changing to figure out the connections you already have in your current network!

A Winning Pitch

Jen walked through the five elements of a winning pitch. First things first, Jen wants you to remember that our “mess” is an important part of our message. That piece of your story will be your differentiator among the hundreds of pitches you’re likely to compete against for media coverage. 

Number one, you need a timely news hook that’s relevant to the outlet. Two, sell the topic first and yourself second. Three, include statistics that back up your claims with facts. Four, provide talking points. Five, make sure that you stand for something. 

The full explanation of a winning pitch and these five elements is included in our conversation, so hit play on the episode for a full rundown. 

More from Jen Gottlieb

Want to get the media coverage you deserve? Listen to this episode for a full step-by-step of getting media coverage for yourself and your business. Don’t forget to follow Jen Gottlieb on Instagram @jen_gottlieb and send her a DM with the word ‘Bootcamp’ to join her “Be on TV Bootcamp” that’ll help you get on TV in five days. 

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