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November 7, 2018


Another episode “Ask Jenna Anything!” today is dedicated to one of my favorite things, INSTAGRAM. I get it, this little app can make your head spin with algorithms and cohesive feeds and the dreaded follow/unfollow game… but I don’t want you to forget that this is a FREE outreach for you and your brand!

It’s safe to say I have learned a thing or two (…or a million) things about this app since growing my following from 0 to over 500,000 in just a few years. Which is why I wanted to cover the nitty gritty details of your Instagram questions… If you’re wondering how the heck to up your engagement, WHEN you should post, hacks to turning followers into paying clients, and SO MUCH MORE. (but, actually) then this episode for YOU!

I took every single one of these questions from the Goal Digger Facebook Group… was yours answered on air? Keep listening to find out!


Tessa  Lambert asked Also how in the heck to get people to engage with your posts and specifically your Stories?

Tori K asked What are your top tips for feeling confident while recording an Instagram story video or an Instagram live?

Aileen Ivette Can you tell me how I can best use the featured Instagram stories??


Kara Rogers My biggest frustration is translating engagement into actually purchasing… I get new followers and likes but lacking in using Instagram to actually get sales.

Kim Baker Gomez How to convert followers into clients and how to get more genuine interaction on my posts.

Kristi Rowles Benefits of business account versus personal? I’m sure there are tons- I’m just clueless!

Reilly Lynn Smitherman I’m wondering what tips you have for using ads on Instagram! I feel like my clients hang out on insta but I just haven’t been able to get in front of them enough through hashtags alone. I would love to know how to spend Instagram ad money effectively!!

Delany E Anderson People comment more on my personal photos than my product photos! They don’t want to see my work!

Maria Kane asked What are your top tips for engaging with your audience? How do you keep them coming back for more and a dedicated follower?

Jasmine Walbom How do you get people to actually go to the link in your bio when you have less than 10K followers and don’t have the “swipe up” feature in your stories?! Haha, I feel like like I don’t have a direct way to send followers to the links I want them to go to.

Ashley Arianne Newton And how to create community in the follow/unfollow insta world?


I received COUNTLESS questions about hashtags: how to use them, how to create them, where to enter them in your caption, etc, so I thought I would answer Hope Griffiths question:  HOW do YOU do hashtags on Instagram Jenna??

Tessa N. Brediger Lambert How often are you supposed to post? Is it better to post more often with less genuine words, or less often but with really meaningful words?

Cristina Robinson Also would like to know what are the legit best times to post. So much confusing information out there, partly due to their ever-changing algorithm I imagine.


Annie McKayAnnie I can’t wait for this. My biggest struggle is the consistent color story on the grid! Uhg I just can’t seem to get it right yet.

Kendall Ballantine asked What are your thoughts on sharing only professional photographs on your main feed? I’m not a photographer but lately, I’ve been bringing in a photographer to do a day of content creation for my business (farm) and I’m loving how our feed looks now. But my concern is if I lose that small family run farm vibe. I still post a ton of instagram stories so people still see the unfiltered version of farm life but do you think I lose authenticity? I just love having a bank of photos to draw from so I can spend more time crafting better captions

Skye Klink Where do you create your content? What tool do you use to push it out over social? How far an in advance to you plan content out for!

Blayr Gourley Besides photos with you in them, what other type of posts are you seeing an overwhelming amount of likes?


Amanda Burg How should your little bio be written? Are there any secrets?

Shayla Scallorn Fun and interesting call to actions that your audience can’t RESIST following through with!

Ashley DeLuca Who’s the ultimate top person that you follow on Insta?

Safe to say, this episode covers the A-Z of all things Instagram. This platform has given me the foundation of a 7-figure business, and I cannot wait for you to hear my tips, tricks, and hacks to using this “little” app to its fullest potential!




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