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January 18, 2023


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We have over 600 episodes, 85 million downloads, and are the top marketing podcast on Apple podcasts. We’ve come a LONG way and whether this is your first time tuning in or your 600th, THANK YOU for being here. 

I am obsessed with peeling back the curtain and letting you into what’s working, what’s not working, and what the behind the scenes look like. And just as I believe that every brand should have pillars and values that they stand on. So does this show. . And so I wanted to dive into what you can expect from this very podcast as we embark on a new year, and I want to tell you where your life is going to improve and what areas will be ever changed through the Gold Digger Podcast every time you tune in.


You know that question that’s like, “What would you do if you had a day with nothing on your calendar and everything available to you?” Well, I’d probably study marketing strategy. This morning I was trying to download a nitty gritty marketing book on Audible so I could listen to it while I was working. 

This is my background, I went to college for this, and I’m the kind of person who will literally study a webinar slide by slide to learn the strategy. I LOVE marketing through and through and love bringing you the latest and greatest marketing tips, tricks, and strategies from social media to email marketing to that one weird marketing hack that I saw on Tiktok. 

I love mixing tried and true business principles with experiments – taking the things that have and will always work but putting a twist on them and seeing what happens. So you know you’ll get plenty of marketing talk on this podcast. If you want to dive in right now, start here: Episode 616: Simplifying Your Marketing to Do List, Here’s Where to Start First 


Fun fact: Did you know that I blogged DAILY for years upon years, like every single week day, a new post would go up. I have published over 2,000 blog posts over the years.

One of my biggest revelations in this past year was really understanding that while I personally am obsessed with entrepreneurship, I am more obsessed with the kind of life it allows me to live. Did entrepreneurship unlock that kind of life for me? Yes, yes it did, but does everyone need to be an entrepreneur to live a full life? No they don’t! 

There is absolutely no denying the draw to see the behind-the-scenes of our favorite people. I am ALWAYS blown away by the fact that my personal episodes are ALWAYS top performers. You definitely love learning about and possibly adopting similar lifestyles yourself.

The term “lifestyle” typically refers to the way that person lives their life and the choices they make in terms of their activities, habits, and overall approach to living. This can include things like their diet, exercise routine, fashion choices, home and living arrangements, and other aspects of their daily routine.

When I started this show, I had very few boundaries, I was on this trajectory of more, more, more, and I didn’t really have a life outside of work. I was the girl who slept with her computer on her nightstand just in case an emergency email came in – spoiler, there are VERY few true emergencies when it comes to business. 

Now, my ambitions include working part time, putting my health first, being intentional with what rest looks like, and building a life that doesn’t just LOOK good, it FEELS good. I want to keep sharing about what I’m doing both in my work and life but more so how my work helps fuel the type of life I want to live.

Want a lifestyle episode to listen to right now? I’ve got you: Episode 608: A Vulnerable Look Inside My Health Journey and Why It’s Stuck


Reality check: I used to HATE the word strategic. I don’t know why but somehow when you use that word to describe a woman, I feel like it insinuates someone who’s sneaky or deceptive. Maybe I’m just projecting but I shied away from using that word for a long time. 

Now, I love talking strategy whether I’m asking a guest to tell me about how they went from there to here or which strategies they would use if they were starting from scratch again. I also love dissecting different types of businesses to look for ways to drive bigger results without added effort. 

Strategy simplifies and that’s what you can get with this show. Learn new strategies to boost your results, simplify your processes, free up more time, optimize your launches and more. 

Thinking of strategy especially in this new year, for me what’s STILL in is email list building – the power is in the list. I’ve watched that be true for my business year after year so we’re hyper focused on list building. What’s out this year (in my opinion) is hustling hard on social media without tying your efforts to results beyond engagement. 

Here’s a great strategy episode to get started: Episode 544: Things you Could and SHOULD Automate in Your Strategy 


Spoiler alert: I am an enneagram 3 which means I’m an achiever so I LOVE being productive, but over the years I’ve learned that my greatest desire in being productive is to get my work done so I can get back to my life whether it’s chasing kids or resting or dreaming. 

I’ve said it a million times but TIME is my currency and I truly live that way and so productivity weaves its way into a ton of our content not in an effort to teach you to work smarter so you can work harder but so that you can work smarter to get back to your life. 

I am someone who is always examining how I can work better and make an impact without trading all of my precious time! Productivity plays a huge role in that in my life and in what I love to learn about and so it’s something I share a lot about on the podcast. 

If you’re someone who wants to maximize the time you DO have so you can get back to your life or the things you love, I promise to help you pursue that with this podcast. Start right here: Episode 603: You can’t afford to ignore these productivity tips with Marie Forleo 


How do you “do it all?” It’s that question that we all get usually with the word “balance” thrown in there for good measure. 

Screw balance, I want blend. I’m all about integration versus balance. I want to blend the parts of my life that I love. I want to try not to achieve balance – which is a moment in time – but figure out how I can make each day filled to the brim with what I say matters most. 

I want flexibility, I want more play, I want to integrate WHO I am and the quirkiness that is me into the work that I do. I want to be the same person online and offline. I want to toss all my favorite things into the blender and blend them and have them be my life and I want to talk about that pursuit on this show. 

If you are in pursuit of blend, too, star here: Episode 562: Screw Balance, This is the New Goal

The Big Picture

I hope you know how much it truly means to me to have you listening to the show, and I am just so wildly excited for what this year holds for this show and for you. Tune in each and every week. I’m going to be delivering you content that is going to change your life.

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