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March 13, 2017


Well, we made it: a month in Hawaii together and we still love each other (maybe even more than before we left!) Today we are sharing all of the secrets, what we were up to, what we learned, how it went… needless to say, it’s tough being back in gloomy Wisconsin but we are so thankful for the rest we got while away.

We were able to rest:

I’ve always tried to convince myself that I was just this person that didn’t rest…. That I didn’t need it or didn’t know how to actually do it but I found when I actually got there and had prepared for rest, I was more than able to actually rest. Preparing and getting things done in advance was key for me to disconnect and I honestly worked maybe a cumulative 4 hours the entire month. Amazing, right?

We created a new routine while away:

It’s no secret the Drew is really OCD so it was helpful to create some semblance of a routine, something we normally don’t get to do on vacation. We didn’t plan out more than one day in advance, but we had the same sort of schedule while away. It was nice to keep some routine and an added bonus that it included 9PM bedtime and 7AM wake ups.

We have too much stuff:

Seriously, we thought we did a good job on packing, but we realized how little you actually need. We had a studio apartment for the month and we each brought a suitcase and when we went to pack up and come home, we realized we didn’t wear half of the things we packed. Next time, we are packing even lighter. You really just need a swimsuit, cover up, and sandals most days.

Build relationships as you go:

It’s easy to feel tempted to not pour into relationships while away but even if it was temporary, it’s so important to invest in others and build relationships. We did this a lot with the locals and other vacationers and it totally made our stay even better. From the hot tub to the gym, we had our heads up (not eyes down on our phones) and seemed to make friends wherever we went. When you’re on vacation you’re so much more present and people are more likely to chat. In this chatter we built some awesome relationships and it’s something I want to take home with us. Eyes up more, Jenna.

Have good people back home:

A year ago I didn’t have a single person on my team. This year I was giving my team full permission to make decisions, take charge, and handle everything while I was away. Guess what? They did just that. It was amazing to see that I built a business that won’t crumble in a day (or month) and to see the women on my team excelling while I was out. When you raise up leaders and allow them in, they love your business well and it gave me such freedom. We also had help (Thank you Maddie!) at home with the pups which allowed us crazy dog people to relax and trust they were good and being cuddled!

There’s so much we cover in this episode but those were our 5 biggest take aways, that and just go for it. Make it a priority in your life. If you want to see the world, go see it. You have to sacrifice and save and work hard but it’s so worth it. It definitely inspired us to make it a part of our lifestyle, not just a once in a lifetime thing. Tune into the full episode to hear all of our favorite things, what we loved most about Maui, and what we hope to bring back into our daily lives now that we are home and back to work.

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  1. Charmaine Golding says:

    You’re so right, nothing is promised in this life. We only get one shot at it, so we have to do it right. Seize the day! We’re so grateful for so many things, being able to be in Maui, and meeting you guys in the hot tub!


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