Goal Digger Episode 019: Our One Month Sabbatical with Drew Kutcher - Jenna Kutcher


Goal Digger Episode 019: Our One Month Sabbatical with Drew Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher 

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Today my sweet husband Drew and I are talking about the big transitions happening in our lives, from him leaving his job to start his own business, The Kutcher Method, and our decision to go to Hawaii for an entire month! Join me in welcoming our first male guest: the one and only, Drew.


Drew has recently launched his business, The Kutcher Method, supporting people who want to have a healthier lifestyle. However, before his business was launched Drew and I learned from my experiences and worked on building his email list as a first priority (2:29).

“We really just wanted to start serving people as early as possible before he ever had announced his business or left his job” (2:56)

Drew and I started out with three major pieces to starting his business. One was providing two pieces of free content and the second was an incredible website. The final piece was getting great help for copy (3:14).

It was difficult for him to leave his job of five years, with the relationships that he had developed over his time there (6:00).

“It’s just been awesome to have that core group of people with me for so long and to say goodbye to them was tough” (6:30)

Both Drew and I working from home is going to be a big challenge. I like my alone time and Drew is trying to adjust with staying focused on work instead of cleaning (12:46).

“It’s nice to have the freedom but I’m having a head time already just because I’m such and OCD freak!” (13:19)

When it comes to Drew’s work he is able to help people with meal plans and home exercises and really be that accountability person. Helping clients get into the right mindset is also a big part of what he does.

One of the things I have noticed is that as entrepreneurs we tend to be people pleasers and tend to serve our clients before ourselves (20:38).

“We are working from empty tanks.” (20:51)

Drew and I talk about having kids and how we dealt with the miscarriage and what that looks like (22:18).

“It’s one of those things like when do you try again, you know what the possible outcomes can be” (25:38)

As entrepreneurs sitting at a desk all day, Drew gives some tips on what we can implement in our routines to help keep us active and healthy (29:00).

“You need to eat through out the day; you need to fuel yourself.” (29:37)


The Kutcher Method:







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