Goal Digger Episode 008: Mastering Productivity as an Entrepreneur with Kristy Dickerson

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December 21, 2016


Today on the Goal Digger podcast, listen in as the founder of the STARTplanner, Kristy Dickerson, shares all of her favorite tips and tricks on how to master efficiency in your business. She’ll also discuss how to create solutions for voids in your specific industry – all while experimenting along the way. Be sure to grab her free social media planning printable at the link below!



Kristy got her degree in finance with the intent of going into the corporate world. She got engaged three weeks after her first date with her future husband and they got married three months later (0:40).

Shortly after getting married, her husband was diagnosed with a rare blood clotting disorder and Kristy left her corporate job to care for him and soon found out she was pregnant.

“I think it was a plan; it just wasn’t our plan.” (1:44)

At a point in her life she realized that she wasn’t happy and wanted to do something different, deciding to go into photography (1:59).

“Instead of doing something I didn’t want to do every day, I sought out something that I loved” (2:06)

She started her wedding photography business in 2009 during this time started teaching others how to be efficient and productive in their photography businesses. Kristy’s finance and business background allowed her to build her business very quickly (2:24).

Collaborating with a graphic designer that she knew, they created a new type of planner as she found that so many of them on the market were lacking the necessary aspects of business and life. In 18 months since launching STARTplanner, they now have 7 team members.

“I feel like every different portion of my plan has led me to following doing something that I loved” (3:35)

Their planner starts with goals because in order to have a vision, you have to set the goals to get there. These should come from daily and monthly tasks, or you “to-do” list of things that you should be doing (5:00).

“Unless we actually put a plan in action, (the tasks) are not going to happen” (5:34)

In order to be able to create intentional moments with friends and family, you have to pay attention to both your personal, and business finances (5:45).

You really have to map out a year in advance to effectively track your anticipated cash flow and feel comfortable with where you are at with your marketing plan (8:40).

“I love that (entrepreneurship) is something new and different every day” (9:28)

Kristy started the business with pre-orders and by using Photoshop to show what the product would be before it was even created (9:55).

Growing fast as a company was an issue and they currently don’t have enough people to get done all the things that need to be finished. Kristy shares that they are now outsourcing things that she and her partner used to do that others are better at now that they have the money to do it (10:40).

As a mom of three children with little time available, she has to have a structured schedule that consists of waking up at 5 am daily (13:30).

“Waking up early is so important to setting a good tone for your day” (14:37)

She adds that exercising is also very important to her, as well as fuelling her body with the foods she really needs.

In business, you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are if you don’t have a team to, but you can always outsource or automate certain things (15:10).

Kristy admits that she sometimes gets caught up in the hustle of being busy, but taking mental breaks in your life will remind you why you’re hustling in the first place (20:05).

Having children is a huge blessing to her, but also a reminder that time is of the essence (22:55).

“It’s not all about work; you have to figure out that balance and you have to set boundaries.” (23:10)

Having an accountability partner in life and business is good idea (27:00) and they can also help balance you out. Kristy’s business partner, Jenny, is more about doing things slow, whereas Kristy is quick to proceed (32:05).

When others get excited to receive their product, it gets Kristy excited (32:40).

The company has videos that show exactly what’s in their planners, and this gives their business a face for the consumer to relate to (33:15).

“Video is a very powerful platform that can connect you to a product, a service (or) a person” (34:40)

She adds that you also need to figure out how you want your consumers to feel, and to map this out to put in the video (35:10).

Kristy’s advice to others is to just go for it! No one is going to give you permission to follow a dream (just make sure you have a plan)! (37:00)

“We’re all designed to create something, to do something and to be someone” (37:56)






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