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Goal Digger Episode 005: Approachable MLM Marketing with Casey Wiegand


gdp-ep-5.001 Goal Digger Episode 005: Approachable MLM Marketing with Casey Wiegand

On today’s show, blogger, mother of four and team leader Casey Wiegand will teach you about an important topic: how to approach MLM marketing with confidence. She’ll talk about how she was able to grow and manage a team of thousands, and shares how she used her blog and following while being honest and creating a platform that serves others.

gdp-ep-5.001 Goal Digger Episode 005: Approachable MLM Marketing with Casey Wiegand


When Casey first started a blog, it looked very different than her current one. She shares that it had extremely small pictures and at the time, she didn’t even know that people could leave comments (1:05).

“I really just created it as a place where grandparents could access information” (1:19)

When she was about to have her second child, she saw a link to a DIY wreath on Facebook, which led her to the first blog she had ever seen with ads and large photos. She was amazed at how blogs could allow you to share your story with others, and Casey knew that she could do the same, as she and her husband were both creative people (1:35).

“There’s this beautiful ribbon of connection that connects us all through our stories” (2:19)

Casey had lost a baby, her second child, and being so open online it seemed like a natural and authentic thing to do to share this experience with others (2:40).

“If this loss that’s so painful and is just hurting me so much can help someone else, then in some strange way, maybe that pain was worth it” (3:30)

The connections she made gave Casey comfort, which changed the course of her blog. When she got pregnant with her third child, Apple, people felt connected since they had been with her during the previous experience (3:50).

“(Apple) was just like a little picture of hope and love, and people got really attached to her” (4:07)

Casey shares that she lost two more babies after having Apple, and now has a three-month old (4:32).

Finding out why she was losing babies sent her down a holistic path in which she discovered essential oils (4:50).

In her business, their mission is about the community that they serve and how they rise by lifting others. In only two years in business, she has about 8,000 people on her team.

“People followed our story and now (the business) was a big part of our story” (8:10)

She notes that a great misperception with MLM businesses is that you can just join, do nothing and make lots of money (10:35).

“I work actually…a lot! It is a lot of work, just different” (10:50)

Casey initially didn’t realize the tremendous income potential until she really got into the business. She adds that people on her team are not only replacing full-time incomes, but adding to them (11:15).

She has to choose integrity daily in her business and remember to be true to herself. With the amount of members on her team, this is the issue she has to navigate the most (12:00).

Casey recommends using the 90/10 rule on social media (90% of what you share being person/life things, and 10% being “salesy stuff”). (12:57)

“It doesn’t turn them off and then you can usually seal the deal pretty quickly” (14:46).

Casey loves the idea of community and feels like she’s wired to connect and help people. She has an interactive page that walks people through their kit and also has Facebook groups where team members can get product education, videos, classes and much more (16:15).

“I want to rise up leaders; I don’t want people to just hear from me” (17:19)

The average day for her can be quite chaotic with four kids, but she feels that it’s important that others see this so they know that they can do it too (18:30).

Casey tries to work smart and uses lists to knock off tasks before taking a break to be a mom (19:37).

Her advice for people doing MLM is to start with their closest circle, which includes the people that know and love them. This is where the influence is, and she adds that it will take time to build new relationships (21:45).

“It goes back to just authentically sharing your story” (23:02)

Casey knows that she’s now exactly where she is supposed to be (27:00).

“I feel like (with) my gifts and passion for seeing lives change, it all fits together”

You never really know how people will respond to what you’re doing, but when they know that you’re authentic and can trust you, they’ll know that you’re not just trying to sell them something (28:20).

Casey’s advice for others looking to go into business is to just go for it, and to not let fear bring out insecurities. You don’t have to have a big following to be successful and she mentions that you also don’t have to sell online, you can do this in your own community (29:58).


by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. nelz

    November 30th, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    that’s my girl! ahhhh ♥

  2. Jennifer

    October 3rd, 2017 at 8:38 am

    I loved this podcast! It was just what I needed to reboot my MLM business as well as my own blog that I started last year. I can’t wait to keep hearing more from your Podcast Jenna!!!


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