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Goal Digger Episode 001: Keeping it Real on Social Media


GDP-Ep-1.001 Goal Digger Episode 001: Keeping it Real on Social Media

A few years back, my brother told me I should start a podcast and I laughed at him because I wasn’t sure what the heck I would even talk about. But, over the last few years it’s become clear that I have a lot to share and I couldn’t be more excited to announce what I’ve been working on for the past few months: the Goal Digger podcast.

What’s the gist of Goal Digger, you ask?

Well,there’s a lot of podcasts out there. And a lot of content.

I totally realize this, so my vision in creating Goal Digger was to create space where I believe women need to hear encouragement: specifically, I want to speak into women transitioning out of the stability of a traditional career and into a creative entrepreneurial role, and offer them practical training and action steps to take. I like to think of it as online workshop style content delivered straight to you wherever you are in this dream chasing business building life.

I feel that by hearing real, raw conversations and teachings from women that made a leap to chase their dreams, they’ll be encouraged to step out of fear and into faith — and have the tools to do so.

I have so many intelligent, inspiring women you’ll hear from in the coming weeks! To start, I’m kicking off our first episode teaching on one of my absolute favorite topics: keeping it real on social media. Don’t miss my free Instagram Growth Guide download linked below to help get you started!

So, I hope you’ll join me and tune in each week to spend some time together chasing those dreams.

GDP-Ep-1.001 Goal Digger Episode 001: Keeping it Real on Social Media


“I had a $300 camera from Craigslist and a dream and I have chased that dream with reckless abandon over the last five years” (1:10)

“You are here, right now, for a reason; that reason is going to look different for all of us” (2:57)

“Spending time together, whether it is virtually or in person, can change our lives” (3:43)

“Just come as you are, show up as you are, whether you feel put together or whether you feel like you’re falling apart” (4:15)

“Here’s the truth: none of us are as cool as we are on Instagram” (5:29)

“The reason why I love the idea of a podcast is I am happiest when I am home alone in my yoga pants, listening to Beyonce and getting work done” (7:52)

“I love to empower other creative entrepreneurs in how to run these profitable businesses and make a living doing what they love” (8:20)

“Social media is so much more than marketing; the secret sauce comes in being free to be who you are in owning your stories” (8:50)

“In those mundane moments of our lives, we are weaving the story about who we are and who we have become” (9:45)

“So I have chosen an approach to social media of not just sharing the good, the pretty and the perfect, but in sharing the real, the raw and the authentic of our lives” (11:17)

“I am a storyteller and photography is the avenue that I’m currently using to tell my stories” (12:09)

“Your social media needs to be your handshake” (13:18)

“There is a story behind every image, whether it is an image of your clients, your work or your life. Are you doing that story justice?” (14:59)

“Find your people and serve them well” (16:38)

“You don’t want to join in on the yelling (on social media); instead you want to whisper directly to your dream clients” (17:02)

“Social media is my voice, my terms and my images” (18:32)

“There is room for imperfection on Instagram; people are hungry for real and not just for perfect anymore” (21:38)

“When people start to know you, like you and trust you, real relationships happen” (23:24)

“You want clients who specifically seek you out” (24:15)

“Action needs to be one of the most important things you are focusing on in your business” (26:45)

“I want you to be invited into my life, so that I can be invited into yours” (28:24)

“Every single post you share must give people an invitation to do something more with you, whether simple or complex” (34:12)

“Engagement is exactly what we need to beat these algorithms that are sucking our ability to connect with people anymore” (34:58)

“Success is something that we generally see with others but it is a title that we give ourselves last” (38:02)

“Success is owning your story and using it to connect authentically; it is living out your ‘Why’, every single day” (38:35)

“You are more than the number of followers you have” (38:48)


Jen Olmstead – Web Designer

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social WorldGDP-Ep-1.001 Goal Digger Episode 001: Keeping it Real on Social Media

by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. Brandie

    November 26th, 2016 at 11:08 am

    Hi Jenna! Love your new podcast! I’m listening while working and getting so inspired. Question though that has been plaguing me for a while about social media, Instagram especially, what do you think about multiple accounts? I have 2 businesses, a children’s wear brand and a nursery linen and decor brand. I have separate accounts for both as well as my personal account. I seriously hate having all 3 and feel like I’m not doing any of them well trying to maintain all. Don’t I need them separate though? I guess any insight or just your opinion on this would be wonderful. Thanks so much!!

  2. Megan Kwasniak

    November 28th, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    Hi Jenna,
    I listened to the first two episodes of your podcast and REALLY LOVED IT! I’m on this journey where I am trying to define myself, my passion for photography (travel, landscapes, people) and my social media. I have a (modest) photography blog that I started couple of months ago and I am really looking forward to learning from you. Your site, your blog and your Instagram really rock! Thank you so much for sharing your work and your knowledge about this field – I hope to learn from you and put all of that info into good use 🙂

  3. Rodney Mickle

    December 5th, 2016 at 9:54 am

    What a great episode. Your podcast was filled with helpful information that I’ll definitely use. Thx Jenna!!

  4. Rodney Mickle

    December 5th, 2016 at 9:58 am

    What a great episode. It had helpful information that I’ll definitely used. Appreciate it and Thx Jenna!!!

  5. Rodney Mickle

    December 5th, 2016 at 10:05 am

    Thanks for a great information filled podcast!!!

  6. Sheila Mulko

    February 23rd, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Hi Jenna,

    You got this incredible knack of being raw and real. You’re a true gem and I can’t wait to listen to all your podcasts. Way to go!!

  7. Jess

    October 5th, 2017 at 10:45 am

    Fantastic Podcast!

  8. Jessica Scott-Petersen

    October 11th, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    Hi Jenna,
    So lovely to meet you! (kind of)
    I Love Love Love the way you encourage us to ‘Share’ that’s its ok! What I mean is, not just share photos, but to share the ‘5x things’ that are part of our life, and part of our story. It really makes sense, and it sits well with me, to share theses ‘5x things’, and I think it creates a Story! just like you said, so thanks for giving me permission to share theses things.
    I’m a pretty private person when it comes to personal stuff, but your right! I can ‘CHOOSE’ what I want to share, that I am in control of that part, and by sharing,, (with the Mac & cheese 5x things guideline) it is good for me to connect me with me and to help others connect with my story and their story (if that makes sense, I hope it does)
    I want to say THANK YOU Jenna and give you a nice hug, and I will be back to listen to more of your Gold teaching.
    Love from Jessica S-P, from the beautiful New Zealand!

  9. Danielle Aisling

    June 18th, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    This was such a great episode!!
    Jenna, you are so inspiring. Each episode has so many takeaways and helpful hints, and I can seriously pretend that you and I are just chilling and discussing it over coffee.
    Keep it up!! Xo


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