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GIVEAWAY: Win 1.24 ct Earrings from Diamond Nexus

Jenna Kutcher 

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On Sunday, it was our anniversary! Drew summed it up well when he said, “”Six years? It’s felt like six minutes.” Celebrating 6 years of marriage with this handsome man was a treat. When I stood at the altar 6 years ago, I didn’t think I could love him more but after navigating so much life and loss with him, I can see that our wedding day was just the start of our journey, just a page in our story.

Navigating loss, rocking the entrepreneur life side-by-side, and tackling our biggest adventures together always keeps me on my toes. Every year I claim was better than our last which to me is a sign we are doing something right. Since we’ve tried to say “no” to conflicts in our marriage, it only makes sense that we are celebrating our day with conflict-free diamond alternatives. (Hello, gorgeous!)

Every year he’s given me something sparkly for our anniversary and this year was no different…. When Diamond Nexus wanted to partner up, I did a little digging to see what they were all about. They are proudly made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they’ve cracked the code on creating a product that is far less expensive than mining and have perfected a stone that is better than a mined diamond. It costs less, so they charge less. (Yes, value!) These ethically lab made diamond alternatives could be YOURS and you could wear them with pride knowing that you’re supporting a worthy cause with the sparkle!

So I asked myself, how can I celebrate with YOU? The truth is, you’ve been along for this ride since we said “I do” and we wanted to celebrate our anniversary WITH you! Head to my Instagram to enter a giveaway so that you can be the lucky winner of a matching set of 1.24 ct. earrings (#twinning!) So hop on over to Instagram, jump in on the fun, and maybe it’ll be your lucky day and you’ll be the lucky winner of some Diamond Nexus earrings!

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