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December 12, 2018


It's an ask Jenna Kutcher anything edition of the Goal Digger Podcast and it gets personal covering how she knew Drew was the one, why she doesn't like the word hustle and finding joy in a hard season.

Can I tell you something? It’s kind of personal.

I’m letting my hair down and getting personal with you today. Today’s episode is a full Ask Jenna Anything session, and I’m diving into the deeper topics that YOU asked about, like: How do I move through difficult seasons to find joy? How do I build genuine relationships without fear of being hurt? What did my dating history look like pre-Drew Kutcher? How did I know I wanted to get married at a young age? And why, oh why, don’t I like the word “hustle”?

Told ya. I’m not afraid to get personal with you… And I hope you’re tuning in today to learn a little more about me, the girl behind the mic.

Your Questions

Casey Walker asked: How do you push yourself through hard times in life and in business?

Aida Glowik asked: I want to know how you keep showing up every day? Even on the days you feel drained or really just don’t feel like it…

Maggie McGaugh asked: Although unlike you, I’m NOT famous, I also have a huge struggle making genuine friends. Any tips on forming relationships (without fear of being hurt)? I just moved to a new city this year and only knew my husband. It’s gotten pretty lonely.

Jamie Devergillo asked: What are your three favorite things about yourself?

Christina Maldonado asked: How did you get over what people thought about you so you could build your business?

Kelsey Carlson Settle asked: How are you feeling about balancing being a boss lady and a new momma?

Joanne Meyer-White asked: What’s the best advice you were ever given when you were starting out?

Lindsey Froemming asked: You’ve mentioned you don’t love the word “hustle”. I’d love to know more about that and why?

Christine Sandberg asked: How have your friendships with friends and family changed or grown because of your business? Specifically friends you knew before you were “insta-famous”.

Elena Schleusner asked: Seriously…WHERE do you shop? For clothes for you, clothes for your husband, and furniture/decorations? I know you are open and tag a lot of the places but I need to know everything!

Amanda Statz Peters asked: Tell us about your tattoos!

Letitia Ranieri asked: This is half business related, BUT a big personal thing for me… How do you go about keeping your privacy when the online world makes it so hard for anything to stay private?

Bethany Lammott asked: What was your ultimate goal when you became a full-time photographer? Is where you are now a surprise or was it a long-term goal?

Amanda Brooks asked: What was the last book you read?

Giulia Cheech asked: How did you handle TTC after your losses?

Bri Renne asked: I’m interested in your relationship history prior to Drew! What did you learn from those dates/relationships and how did you know what you wanted in a husband at such a young age? Your marriage inspires me!

Olivia Muenter asked: Do you ever doubt your own body positivity? I personally struggle with this a lot — sometimes I’ll catch myself saying, “I love myself the way I am” and then immediately worry I am using that as an excuse to… not exercise or not eat healthier or not book that spin class, etc. Sometimes it feels like mental gymnastics just to come back to the conclusion that my body is good the way it is. Full stop. I guess I’m wondering if you can relate to this on your confidence/self-acceptance journey.

Jenna Redfield asked: How did you learn all the things you teach?

Brook Hill asked: How many kiddos do you want?

Alayna Marley Kemery asked: How did you an Drew meet? I love a good love story, and you two are the cutest!

Sarah-Marie Doherty asked: Would you ever write a book? Is that in your cards? I would absolutely buy a book that you wrote!

Lisa Ponton asked: What are you most proud of?

Want to hear my answers? Click to play the episode above and sip your coffee while I spill the tea on the most personal questions yet. I can’t even believe I dished on some of these things…



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