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August 12, 2016



I always love reading people’s fun facts, I mean, we know “so much” about people but the truth is, we only know what they tell us! Let’s be honest, I’m not afraid to make fun of myself (see photo above) and I’m not scared to laugh at myself, so let’s have a little fun today, shall we? I always laugh when people tell me that they know me so well, because I have to chuckle and say, “If only you knew!” Today I want to share a few (funny) facts about me, Jenna Kutcher, that I bet you didn’t know…

1.) I never went to middle school: wait, what? Well, I went to a Kindergarten – 12th grade school, so literally it was one building my entire existence, which meant we had an elementary and a high school. The town I grew up in had a whopping 5,000 occupants. We had a blinking red stop light and no restaurants, liquor stores, or grocery stores in town. When people talk about middle school, I have no clue what years of school that should be, because I never had a middle school.

2.) I will always hold a school record, like always: the year I became a diver was the year that the pool we dove at removed the diving board (fate, right?) We were grandfathered in to finish up our diving careers and so after I graduated the program ended. I still hold the pool and school record and will forever (unless they ever bring back diving to our small, little town!)

3.) I don’t iron: I never iron. I remember my mom telling me the story of the night her and my dad got engaged and how they got into a fight over ironing because she hates to iron and so I’ve never liked ironing either. I will literally put anything in the drier or hang it in the bathroom and pray the steam gets the wrinkles out before I would iron it. (Thank god I don’t ever have to wear a suit!)

4.) Drew and I go to bed together every single night: This one is a little crazy, right? We have never not gone to bed together, not even once. Ever since we got married (almost five years ago) we just go to bed together, even if I am wide awake. Most nights I’ll lay by Drew and read, but we always brush our teeth together, get the dogs settled in, and fall asleep together. I actually love this about us, it’s just part of our lives and routines (and I didn’t know it was weird until I told someone about it!)

5.) I live in cotton and spandex: I know I joke about yoga pants, but the truth is, if you saw my laundry basket, it would literally be cotton and spandex. I don’t remember the last time I wore a real bra or skinny jeans, I just don’t do it. I think I own two pairs of jeans and 32 pairs of yoga pants (no joke!) Every morning I work out, throw those yoga pants into the laundry basket, and put on a clean pair. I don’t wear make up during the week, live in my glasses, and my hair is rarely brushed. To me, I am just comfortable (and a bit of a mess) but I love it and working from home!

Well, there you have it! A little round of “Get to know Jenna!” I hope you got in a chuckle or just have a little more of an understanding behind the brand! High end, laid back – because that’s who I am at the core of my being! I would love to hear a funny fact about you that I wouldn’t know from following you online! Comment below and share a little bit about YOU!



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  1. Mimi says:

    Hahaha! I’m glad to see everyone has these weird little tidbits about themselves. Not having a middle school seems crazy to me! And yet, it totally makes sense after your explanation. I don’t iron either. I literally had a shirt hanging in our bathroom for 4 months before I finally asked my husband to take care of it for me. He laughed that I didn’t ask earlier. Or get out the iron myself. And we also go to bed together (as much as possible). With 13 years under our belt there have been times when we couldn’t together. Years of night shift, being sick, or being away from each other. But those are few and far in between now and its a tradition I love too. I don’t think I would have realized it was weird either if you hadn’t said so.

    Just for fun – 10 facts about me >>>

  2. Cait says:

    My husband and I go to bed together every night too! I can’t imagine NOT doing that.


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