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May 11, 2018


I have one big question for you today: What is the one thing you would do if you had no constraints whether it was time, money or another limitation? What fires you up? What are you passionate about? What gift (or gifts, for us multi-passionate entrepreneurs) have you been given that you want to share with the world?


What’s Standing in Your way?

Far too often I hear people say they’ll do this after the finish all the other things, or they just need to finish a project or get through a season or have perfection and then they will chase that dream. Or excuses like, “well she can do that because she has xyz and I don’t”. But what I’ve learned is that if you don’t create the margin, the time and space to accomplish those dreams, there will always be an excuse and it won’t ever be a priority.


It’s all a little backward, don’t you think? What comes first? Saving enough money to make the leap or making the leap to earn more money? You can’t create financial freedom if you have ZERO margin to dream, do, or create. It has to start with YOU and giving yourself the actual time and space to do this. Financial cushions don’t just appear, open calendars don’t just show up, you have to set aside time to really sit down and wholeheartedly create with intention.


I would have never become an educator if I hadn’t committed to cutting my wedding work in half so that I actually had a life again (and in that life, I created the revenue streams that allowed me to keep going!). Had I said “I’ll follow my dream of educating entrepreneurs once I’ve hit this income goal”, I would have never experienced the abundance my business has today. I am no stranger to hustle and there is a time and place for it, but if working harder hasn’t worked in the past, we have to try something new.


The First Step

Stop trying to be everything to everyone and protect your “yes-es” so that they are the very best ones.  It’s okay to say no and in order to say “yes” to your business, your family, your growth, your future, and your health learning to say “no” will be the best thing you can do for yourself this year. No doesn’t have to be a negative thing, especially when it is tied to freedom.
So dream chaser, if I could tell you one thing right now, it would be: don’t wait for everything to fall into place before giving yourself permission to pursue that big scary thing you know you were meant to do. If you’re looking for permission, this is me giving it to you. What’s one thing you can do today that would push it forward? Remember, taking these little steps towards your big goal will add up.


What’s YOUR secret sauce? Are you a dream chaser? 

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