Everything You Need to Start Your Email List Now

January 6, 2020



I bet you’ve clicked on these show notes because you know that this is YOUR YEAR to start, grow, or scale your business and you know an email list is part of that action plan. I want to help you capitalize on all this new year energy and start your email list right now.

Martha Bitar and Rebecca Shostak are the founders of FloDesk. To put it simply, they heard all the struggles, the complaints, and the flaws in other email platforms and decided to do something about it. I’ll let them share the whole story, but trust me, these women know email list building. It’s one of my favorite topics, and I want you to feel just as excited and confident with your email list building strategy as I do.

If you are ready to start your email list and bust through whatever roadblocks are holding you back, then I’ve got a challenge to get you to your first list threshold of 250 subscribers. But first, the FloDesk founders are here to talk the best kept secrets in email marketing and the solutions you need to finally start your list in 2020.

Why Haven’t You Started?

Martha and Rebecca are two powerhouse women who decided to take the problem of email marketing and do something about it. The start of their process was talking to hundreds of solopreneurs and asking them their biggest pain points with email marketing. For business owners who hadn’t even started their email list yet, they asked why not?

The most common response was that these entrepreneurs felt their businesses were too small or their audience didn’t want to hear from them. Or they worried that investing time and energy into an email campaign wouldn’t yield the results they needed to justify the investment.

“The data shows that businesses that use email marketing are 40 times more successful than those that don’t,” Rebecca shared. I’ve already told you how email changed my business but if you need more evidence, those numbers don’t lie.

FloDesk intended to solve the problem of the technology and design of these email campaigns and support entrepreneurs through the process, so the time and energy devoted to a campaign is more than worth the results.

We’ve Heard Your Objections Before

Martha, Rebecca, and I are all big email marketing proponents and we’ve heard all of your objections before.

For starters, starting anything is scary! Committing to starting an email list sounds really scary and complicated. At the end of the day, email marketing is simply capturing an email and sending an email. All the resources and tools out there make it seem a lot more complicated, but it’s really quite simple.

Maybe you feel like you don’t have enough time to start an email list? I hear you. Learning a new skill, finding new tools to make it happen, writing the email itself, making it look pretty… That’s time intensive. Time you don’t have if you’re a solopreneur.

Or maybe you don’t even have a website and you’re not even at the point of having something to sell. Here’s the thing… You can start building a list and capturing emails before you’re ready to sell. In fact, I recommend that (and we did it when Drew started his business). Building an email list means you have the potential to be profitable from day one.

These objections all because part of FloDesk’s vision. Rebecca and Martha built a tool that saves you time, energy, and effort all while educating you about email marketing as you build your campaigns.

Best Kept Email Marketing Secret

Rebecca had a mic drop moment, “The best kept secret is that visual sells and converts better. Period.” Here’s the thing, years ago, emails were searched for heavy image use as a sign of spam, so word got around that if you used a lot of graphics in your emails, it would get tagged as spam and the recipient might never see it.

But think about your inbox right now. Big brands land there every day with super image heavy emails (retailers like Anthropoligie and Restoration Hardware come to mind). It appears image-heavy emails are getting through the spam filters just fine.

Visual emails convert better because they get your audience excited about what they’re getting in their inbox. FloDesk helps you create those visual emails. And pssst…. I have my branding stamp all over some of the FloDesk templates if you want to steal my look!

Zero – 250 Challenge

When I learned about what Rebecca and Martha were creating, I knew it could be a total game changer for YOU. I’d heard the complaints about other email marketing platforms and even went so far as to remove popular platforms from my List to Launch Lab because they simply didn’t deserve my recommendation anymore.

That’s when I asked the FloDesk ladies if they’d want to partner on a challenge. My friend Amy Porterfield always talks about the possibility of a profitable launch with an email list of 250 people. It’s not the end-all, but it seems to be a sweet spot. That’s how the Zero – 250 Challenge, the free mini course, was born.

The goal of the challenge is to help you reach that 250 benchmark and get you started on your list building journey. If you need proof that you can build and serve an email list without devoting a ton of time to learning a new skill and writing perfect copy and designing a beautiful visual email… Join the Zero – 250 Challenge.

More from this Episode

What does the challenge look like? We go over the phases of the challenge, all of the assets you’ll gain access to when you join, and success stories from past challenge takers. Martha and Rebecca are the definition of power house women, so I hope you’ll press play and tune in to get the final push you need to START or grow your email list in 2020. And don’t forget! Try FloDesk free for 30 days + get 50% off your monthly subscription.


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