Creating Unforgettable Client Experiences with Bonnie Bakhtiari

April 24, 2017


Today I am talking with my friend Bonnie Bakhtiari, and we’re discussing how to create an unforgettable client experience. I’m also going to be sharing why this doesn’t necessarily need to cost you money! This is an episode that you’re not going to want to miss and be sure to download Bonnie’s guide “5 Ways to Love Clients Well” to get you started in delivering that unforgettable experience to the people you serve.


Bonnie started her first business during her last semester of her graduating year from college. She opened an Etsy shop and started selling customizable wedding invitations and branding packages. (1:58)

“Very quickly I realized that branding and brand strategy was something that I cared so deeply about” (2:36)

Bonnie has been building this brand strategy business for five years and along the way she also has been able to foster a creative educational community through her yearly retreat. (3:17)

For her, client relationships start before people are even clients. She believes in being able to pour into her potential clients by way of social media and other channels to set the tone and serve. (6:26)

“I think that realistically our client experiences begin whenever someone has that first initial impression of you” (7:24)

Bonnie approaches marketing from a place of painting a picture for your potential clients on how to elevate their brand to reach a high-end luxury audience. (12:23)

“They are not just looking for a quick fix; they are looking for an over-arching experience that can really leave them better than when they first came to you” (12:52)

Once Bonnie signs a client on and receives a retainer, sometimes due to her availability the start date for her clients could be a few months away, but she makes sure to communicate with them during their wait time. (20:38)

“I want them to really have a sensory experience that can make them feel really appreciated and like they are a priority” (21:08)

With her business she makes it clear that she is not just focusing on the visual part of branding, and she is going deeper than “color palettes and all the pretty stuff”. (22:50)

“We really dig deep into heart and the sense of ‘Why’ behind their business” (22:59)

Automation, workflows and templates can all be used in creating custom gifting to your clients while maintaining the complete custom feel and customer service consistency. (35:05)

When wondering where to start, Bonnie advises to break things down into three categories: the experience itself, the visual and verbal. (41:43)


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  1. Crystal says:

    Hi! I enjoyed the interview with Bonnie so much! Was looking for the client experience guide mentioned in the podcast. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you so much for everything – learn so much and am inspired weekly with the podcast!!

    • Hey Crystal! So glad you enjoyed it! There’s a download bar in this post that says “Click here to grab Bonnie’s guide” right below the intro paragraph. Thanks!

  2. Amanda says:

    This was incredible! I listened while on my way to work one morning and had to fight the urge to pull over so I could take notes. 🙂

    May I ask a question about Honeybook? I am very intrigued, however, unsure if it would work for my business in it’s current state. Would you recommend utilizing this as an online health & wellness coach? Right now I only have a Facebook page to direct my customers where I can share links and such through email or messenger. I truly want to create that unforgettable customer experience away from my business page and have been seeking a tool to help with just that!

    Thank you for your knowledge, love of life, and beautiful contributions! You are a bright spot in my week when I get a chance to tune in. 🙂


    • Hey Amanda! SO glad you enjoyed this episode! YES – Honeybook is amazing for booking clients for any type of creative small business. You will love it! It will help streamline and elevate your communications for sure. Try it out! xx

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