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How to Create a Business with Impact

Jenna Kutcher 

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Today I am interviewing Ashley LeMieux of The Shine Project and we’re going to talk all about how to create a business with a big impact. If you have a heart for mission or are trying to use your business to better the lives of others, this episode is going to blow your mind! And, don’t miss her free guide “How to start anything” by clicking on the icon below!


When Ashley was in college and doing her internship at a high school helping students prepare to transition into college, she says she saw a whole different side of life.  She says that the school didn’t have a lot of resources and the students didn’t have mentors and the tools that they needed to reach their goals and passions. (1:00)

Ashley knew she needed to help these students, so she used her blog as a voice to do just that. She started a non-profit and was able to employ them, mentor them and teach them the life skills needed to succeed. (3:00)

“I cannot unsee what I have seen here at this high school and its up to me to do something about it” (3:00)

Ashley decided to take $300 of her own money and invest it in jewelry making. She thought if she could teach herself how to make jewelry, she could teach her students and make money for her students and their scholarships. (4:52)

“I kept my initial goal small because to me it was about impacting peoples’ lives and if that meant one person’s life, then I would have succeeded. (5:26)

The bigger the company got, the more opportunity it gave the students to become a bigger part of the business. (6:26)

“The experience they get from being a part of this project truly is life-transforming.” (7:54)

Ashley’s advice to people starting a business is not to overthink what they should do, or ponder if it is the right path. She believes you should do what you are passionate about, and what makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. (12:39)

She has more than just the one passion and even though her second business has a different mission, her purpose remains the same with the intention to serve others. (13:33)

“ That purpose is to help people shine in their lives” (14:21)

Ashley shares why she reached out to influencers who she shared an audience with and asked them step in and come alongside of her mission. (25:35)


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