Crafting My Dream Closets with Modular Closets: A Seamless Design Experience

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October 12, 2023


Note: We are a proud partner of Modular Closets. They have sponsored this post but all experiences and opinions are our own! Happy closet designing! 

I always think of the scene in Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw walks into her brand new closet in her New York City pad and it’s almost like the angels start singing. Now while I definitely don’t live in New York and I own precisely zero pairs of Christian Louboutins, I knew that I wanted to create a dreamy (and functional closet) in our new home. Since we built a custom home, the sky was the limit when it came down to every space and as lucky would have it, the way our design fell, our closet ended up being quite large (like bigger than my childhood bedroom that I shared with my sister) and it even had a view. I did a lot research to try and figure out the best solution for our closets (coming out of a home that had minimal storage, this was something we wanted to intentionally plan! We ended up using Modular Closets, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Their innovative and customizable system made the process not only enjoyable but also incredibly efficient!

The Modular Closets System: A Game-Changer

There are a ton of closet systems out there from DIY methods to fully custom and we wanted to land somewhere in the middle. Modular Closets’ unique system stood out for several reasons. First, their tagline speaks volumes: custom closets, made affordable. It was an option that gave us the ability to custom design each closet without breaking the bank. Their modular approach means you get a high degree of customization, which was essential for tailoring the closets to out specific needs and preferences. From our coat closet that has pull out drawers for hats and mittens to our linen closet that has ample storage and drawers for allll the things. While it might sound intimidating to design your closet yourself, their easy-to-use online design tool simplified the process, making it accessible even for those who feel like they aren’t a designer. I was able to create closets that maximized space utilization and provided ample storage while reflecting our personal style and our specific needs. It honestly was super fun to design each closet and customize in the process.

Why I Chose Modular Closets

The decision to choose Modular Closets was clear for me. Firstly, their reputation for quality and durability was a huge factor, I didn’t want anything that would fall apart in a year or two. I wanted to know and trust that my investment would stand the test of time. Secondly, their customer-centric approach was evident from the start. Their responsive customer support team guided me through the entire design process, offering valuable insights and answering all my questions, helping ensure that each customization was exactly what we were hoping for. Lastly, their competitive pricing made it a cost-effective choice without compromising on quality. Since we ended up installing them in every single closet in our house from bedrooms closets to our coat closet to our linen closet, I wanted to make sure that we were getting what we needed without breaking the bank.

Designing My Closets: A Seamless Experience

We used to live in a home that was 105 years old and the closets were tiny… so to have space to work with felt like a dream come true. Our primary bedroom closet is a literal dream come true and so dreaming up exactly how we’d use it was a blast. I felt like I was a kid playing the Sims as I designed each space and thought through where we needed drawers, hanging space, even our center island (that is beaaaautiful!) One thing that we did was we ended up opting for their gold hardware which gave it a luxe feel and then we added a laminate countertop that mimics marble and it provides the perfect high-end feel. I love that we have a variety of storage in there from ample drawers, open space, shoe racks, and hanging. Designing this space was so fun but seeing it come to life was a dream come true. Their online design tool is user-friendly, offering a 3D visualization of the final product. I was able to experiment with different configurations, shelving options, and finishes until I achieved the perfect look and functionality for each space. It couldn’t have been easier and it honestly was really fun!

The End Result: Closets Beyond My Imagination

As I stand in my dream home today, I can confidently say that my decision to choose Modular Closets was a great one. The closets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly functional, providing ample space for all of our things. Modular Closets helped turn my vision into reality, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! If you’re in the midst of designing your dream home or in deep need of some fresh organization for your space, I highly recommend considering Modular Closets to refresh your closets and give you the home organization you’re craving. Their innovative system, commitment to quality, and exceptional customer support made my closet design process a true delight. With Modular Closets, you can bring your dream closets to life effortlessly, just as I did in my own home.



Click Here To Design Your Dream Closets with Modular Closets.

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