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May 2, 2018


If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve probably heard me say this – but it’s worth repeating: there is literally no one stalking your business, refreshing your newsfeed or seeing everything you put out into the world the first time. Ok, maybe your mom reads every word – but that’s probably it. Between social media algorithms, busy lives and just an overload of information – I can guarantee most of your audience is missing your great information. Did you know that only 6% of your audience is even seeing what you’re sharing!

Further, we’re hopefully growing our followings and so new audiences are joining your tribe every day – have they seen the great content that you put out and worked hard on? NO.

Let’s not reinvent the wheel and instead, get more mileage out of what already exists rather than feeling the pressure to create something new all of the time. When it comes to content creation, overwhelm probably isn’t too far behind! So today I’m going to walk you through the lifecycle of my content in the hopes that it inspires you (and saves you a boatload of time in the creation process.)

One of the biggest shifts in my business in the last year is a focus from quantity to quality. We usually spend 90% of our time creating content and only 10% of our time actually promoting or sharing it… so what would happen if we flipped that script and put more energy into how we are sharing our content and making sure our dream clients are seeing it?

Here are 10 ideas to revive, reuse or repurpose your content:

  1. Spend less time creating the content and more planning on how, when, and where you’ll be sharing it!  Just changing up the way you’re thinking about the creation process can have you marketing to the masses in a way that serves them up (without constantly feeling the need to create new stuff!)
  2. When you create content, keep in mind that you intend for it to be evergreen (or live on more than one post). Try to keep seasonal or date specific mentions out of the content and keep it general so that if someone were to land on this page in 6 months, it would still be relevant.
  3. Check your links often. Then re-check them. Things happen, wires get crossed, pages change – to keep an elevated experience on your site, you have to make sure things work. Try to click through your site at least quarterly to make sure everything is still working properly.
  4. Use sites like Meet Edgar, Tailwind and the PLANN app to help you automate, repurpose and easily share old and new content. Create a content library so you can see all the content you have and then get them scheduled to be pushed out so that your audience has more than once chance to enjoy!
  5. Check to see if you’ve shared your content across all your platforms. I have different audiences on FB than Instagram and Pinterest. Sometimes sharing content that was shared on one platform to another is fresh for those people. Maybe you need to change up the caption or the formatting but if you go into it knowing it’ll be used on different platforms, you can be more strategic at how you share it.
  6. Look at your content calendar for the year as a whole. Do you have upcoming launches or seasons that you had last year? Could you re-use some of the blogs or social media posts that you wrote the year before instead of writing new ones?
  7. Do you already have a freebie created that you could promote in a new way? Instead of making a new free offer for your audience, talk about it in a new way and promote it again.
  8. When deciding which content to reshare, check out what’s currently doing well. You can do this by looking at your google analytics and most visited pages. Make sure those have a freebie attached to them so you are converting that traffic on to your email list.
  9. Alternatively, check the pages that aren’t doing so well. Is there a reason? Could you improve that work and reshare it so more people see it?
  10. Would your content do well as a guest post for someone else? When I get approached to write for another blog, I first check my catalog of topics already written. Sometimes a fresh intro and spin on already created teachings is all that is needed to re-use my content. Just be sure you’ve got new words and aren’t copying and pasting word for word or SEO will punish you.


I remember the days where I spent ALL of my time creating and then that content would live and die with one post… little did I know, my audience was missing out on information they wanted and I was creating a system that wasn’t sustainable for me. I got into a mindset that told me I was as worthy as what I was creating and it wasn’t until I pulled back the reins and really looked at allll the good stuff I had already created that I realized that I should spend my energy on sharing that content with the world and shift my focus on quantity to quality when it came to creation and focus on promotion because I could get so much more mileage out of one piece when I did that.

To recap: You’ll stop spinning your wheels and be able to get your content into the right hands because of a focus on creating content that lasts and that lives on beyond just one minor social push. Don’t shy away from sharing the things that you’ve created that can impact others and focus on promoting the content you create and creating with a sense of purpose! You got this, goal diggers!

Ready to map out your content calendar for the YEAR?

Check out all my batch working tips here!

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  1. Love this so much, Jenna. Thank you! I’ve just recently started to think about how my content is going to be shared, and across what platforms, BEFORE I create it and it’s been a game changer. I’m no longer re-creating the wheel each time I want to put something out there. My FB lives are being transcribed into blog posts, and shared across multiple platforms. Feels so good to say goodbye to content creation overwhelm once and for all!

  2. Patrice says:

    This was so helpful! Thank you!

  3. Oh man I just listened to this twice. These are lessons I’ve slowly learned over the years but feel like I’ve been blinded to now that I’m all caught up in starting a new biz. So much truth packed in one episode and so powerfully said. Thank you for the gift of refocusing! Totally incredible.


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