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Coco’s Big Girl Bedroom: What’s Inside & How We’re Making the Transition

Jenna Kutcher 

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Ahhh, it feels like I was just posting our sweet girl’s little nursery and anticipating her arrival and here we are, nearly 3 years later, ready for her next big step! We’ve been working on Coco’s big girl bedroom for the last couple of months, and it has been so fun.

When preparing for the new baby, we decided to keep our nursery “as is” for the most part and devote our attention to giving Coco a room that she loves! Let’s be honest, a baby couldn’t care less about where they sleep, and they’ll be sleeping in our room for the first few months anyway. So it made more sense to give our growing girl a fun upgrade. She’s loved the process and we spend a little time in her big girl room each day, daydreaming about the future together.

How we’ve transformed the space:

Our upstairs has three bedrooms, and this room kind of became a hodgepodge of furniture that we moved from our last place… So, while it was set up as a guest room, I’m pretty sure it was used just once or twice in the three years we’ve lived here.

It’s right down the hall from us and next to the nursery, which is so nice! Instead of tossing everything and starting fresh, we were actually able to use a lot of what we already had! From the metal bed to the midcentury dresser to the gold mirror that had sat in a closet collecting dust, we took inventory of what we could use, which really made this update quite minimal, easy, and affordable!

What’s inside Coco’s new digs:

We didn’t want to do a big theme or something that screamed pink explosion, so we chose more neutral pieces that can grow with Coco with fun pops of color and texture. Since we realized that her nursery hasn’t changed in the slightest in the last three years, we recognized that while we often tell ourselves we’ll swap things out, life happens and things get busy! And the swaps never do actually happen. (Or, at least, they haven’t so far.)

We chose a neutral hydrangea wallpaper from Urbanwalls to go on the wall behind her bed (fun fact: Coco loves hydrangeas, and we have massive hydrangea plants in front of our house and dried flowers to decorate!). It only took us a little over an hour to hang the wallpaper together—it was much easier than anticipated!

Since we already had a gorgeous midcentury dresser, we matched that walnut wood with a new bookshelf and a nightstand (we actually have the same nightstand in the nursery, so we now have a set of those should we ever need them!). We also had the bed from our last house, so we decided to keep it as is! The only other furniture addition was the Pottery Barn blush pink chair with Coco’s name on it. It is the cutest thing in the world watching her cozy up and grab a book in her special chair.

Beyond those three pieces, all the decor was super minimal! We hit Etsy for things like the: pampas grass, the floor vase, the stars and moon behind her bed, the little pompom garland on the mirror, and the buffalo print pillowcases! And then Coco and I went to Target to pick out a few accessories like the blush striped comforter, a few new books for her bookshelf, sconces (discontinued but similar here!), faux plants, and a fun lamp!

Our plan for the big move:

Truth be told, I want Coco to stay in her crib as long as we can manage. She loves her crib, she stays laying down, she’s never attempted to climb out (heck, I don’t think our girl realizes she can stand up in the thing!). Since the baby will be in our room for a while, we’re going to keep Coco in her nursery before moving her to her big girl bed!

Instead of getting rails for her bed, we opted for foam bed bumpers that had an awesome rating on Amazon! Not only is it easier for me to climb in and out after reading to her, but it’s also closer to what she’s known in the crib with her bumpers! I’ll report back on how those work, but I’m pretty confident they will keep her safe!

Our plan is that she’ll stay in her crib until her third birthday in December, and then we’re spending two months in the sunshine of Arizona, so when we return home, we’ll make the big transition for her to be in her big girl room and then have the baby scoot into the nursery!

I’m hopeful our plan works well! There will be a lot of transitions happening, but we’re trying to postpone too much change at once and so keeping her in her current routine and environment has been the best as she starts to understand that she’ll get a new room and a big bed soon! If she decides she’s ready earlier, we’ll make the move, but we’re just waiting it out and enjoying our crib life for a little while longer!

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