Coaching Call: Is Your Network Your Net Worth?

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March 18, 2024


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Raise your hand if you want to reach a wider audience, create a bigger impact, and grow your business?! I know you are, and I have just the advice for you!

This episode is a coaching session I had with Nicole Gwanzura, who is an Early Career Development Strategist and a bilingual immigrant from Zimbabwe.

Nicole is on a mission to empower students and early career professionals to find their fit in higher education and fulfilling careers through coaching, tailored workshops, and programs!

You’re about to get a front row seat to our conversation about how to leverage digital products, email lists, and networking for strategic growth.

If you, like Nicole, are set on effectively reaching a wider audience and creating impactful content that resonates with your audience, you are going to get SO much value from this session!

Here are some of the questions Nicole asked me in our session…

Balancing Professional and Personal Roles

Q: As a fellow momma, wife, and business owner, at the stage you were preparing for major career milestones, how did you manage your work-life balance?

A: It’s so important to be present in the moment and make conscious choices about where to invest time and energy, and to go deep rather than wide when it comes to building relationships.

And fortune is in the follow-up! By consistently nurturing relationships and staying connected with like-minded individuals, you can create a strong network of support and collaboration opportunities.

Business Mentorship & Networking

Q: How did you leverage your network and make decisions about making the best investments and finding the right mentors and business besties?

A: This is where your gut game comes in. I think a lot of people look perfect and shiny online but behind the scenes it’s not pretty. Look at the people who have the same values you have – what are they like behind closed doors or offline, if you get close to them. How do they speak about others? How do they talk about the people they serve? 

Find people who cherish the same things you do and who have the same morals and values. I’ve definitely misjudged people in the past or partnered with people who I trusted and then once I saw the inside of how things were run, I realized that I didn’t want to support them.

Once you have a friend, invest in them. Reach out often, ask questions, share real things. I send a lot of texts that start with, “I know you’re busy, no need to respond but I’m just thinking of you!” 

Leveraging Your Story to Nurture Community

Q: I’m on LinkedIn, toying with the idea of TikTok, and thinking about starting an email list (though I’ll admit, it’s a bit scary!). How would you suggest I leverage my unique story to really connect with and grow my community across these platforms?

A: Something I think is very underrated when people think about starting an email list is storytelling.Personal stories and experiences are a powerful tool for connection, community-building, and sharing valuable insights.

The impact of authenticity, vulnerability, and genuine storytelling in creating meaningful relationships and engaging with others on a deeper level is so underrated!

Digital Products for Business Expansion

Q: What are your top recommendations for impactful yet beginner-friendly digital products, and how did you choose which ones to start with?

A: I’d start with 3 different freebies that are aligned with offers you have ideas on, see what people opt in to see what they are willing to exchange something of value for.

Creating free resources, such as templates, checklists, and quizzes, can be a powerful strategy to test the market, grow an email list, and provide value to potential clients before offering paid services or products.

Podcast Propeller

Q: Could you share the key catalysts or turning points that propelled the Goal Digger Podcast from its first 100 episodes in 2017 to reach 60 million downloads in 2021 and then nearly 800 episodes and 100 million downloads by 2023?

A: First off, girl you did your research! Kudos! I think consistency is HUGE and probably the biggest thing.

Focusing on getting guests who would share about them being on the show and then being thoughtful and mindful in terms of simple moves like using keyword rich titles so I pop up when people are searching, encouraging listeners to share themselves tuning in, and fostering our community. 

Connecting with Nicole

I loved connecting with Nicole, and I bet you will too! Connect with her on LinkedIn, her website, or her podcast, Wellness with EAC!

Remember: success lies in building meaningful relationships, sharing authentic stories, and consistently delivering value to your audience!

And if you would like to be featured in a future coaching episode of the Goal Digger Podcast, be sure to join the Goal Digger Insiders Facebook Group. There, I will be periodically asking for volunteers to ask me questions, get mentored, help other listeners AND be on your favorite podcast all at the same time!

Join the Goal Digger Insiders Facebook Group and maybe we’ll hit “record” together soon!

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