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September 15, 2021


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Getting personal on the pod… Faith, family, pregnancy, body image. As I approach motherhood round two, I wanted to take on some of your more personal questions, so Kylie is here to lead me through a discussion of non-businessy topics. 

From advice on body image challenges, to where I find myself with my faith today, even what my most recent purchase was on Amazon, I’m bearing it all for you, so press play for the full episode and catch the highlights below. 

Motherhood Questions

How did I overcome my anxiety around pregnancy following our miscarriages? What fears do I have around becoming a mom to two? Did we ever co-sleep with Coco and will we sleeptrain our baby? From the deep to the specific, you had so many questions about motherhood. I’ll answer this one here: How did I overcome my anxiety around pregnancy following our miscarriages?

The day I found out I was pregnant with Coco I actually opened up a Google Doc and started typing letters to her. I was reading it the other day. Just kind of rolling down memory lane and it was crazy reading the roller coaster I was on mentally trying to process that I’m pregnant again. The letters to her would go from, “I believe you are coming. I believe you are here,” and then the next one would say, “Is this even real? Is this going to happen?”

I really, really struggled in connecting with her pregnancy. I had to go into my third pregnancy, which was Coco’s, just believing that I did absolutely everything in my power to support it and that whatever happened, I couldn’t blame myself again, cause I’d already done that twice and that was not the way to heal.

Press play for more on this answer and other motherhood questions.

My Online Purchases

This question is so fun! You can learn a lot by what someone last purchased online, right? My most recent online cart was filled with things that scream “mom life”!

Compression socks (seriously the best for pregnancy), some accessories for Coco’s big girl bed, a wedge pillow because I’m a back sleeper and I need the support at this stage of the pregnancy game. 

That’s usually the gist of what I’m shopping for online — what’s in your online cart right now?

My Faith Now

A listener asked about my faith and I’m not sure I’ve really talked a lot about that topic recently. 

I was raised a Christian and got super, super involved in Christianity and Campus Crusade and all of those things in college. They all served a beautiful role in my growth and in my faith and in different seasons. I absolutely believe in a God and I believe in prayer.

I think that my faith has just been this journey of unpacking what I grew up with and what I believe to be true now. With COVID, we got out of the habit of going to church, but we got into some different habits that I absolutely adore. Drew and I do a devotional every night together, and Coco has this Storytime Bible that we read.

For me, faith isn’t a destination in terms of a church. I think faith is like coming back to God and relying on him and trusting in him, and it looks different for a lot of people. I think I’m still trying to figure out exactly what that looks like being lived out and practiced in my life, but I definitely believe things happen for a reason, and that there’s a greater calling and Creator out there.

More Personal Questions

Body image, retirement, first time mom advice… Want to hear the answers to more personal questions? Hit play on this episode for the full chat with Kylie and be sure to DM me your most recent online purchase @goaldiggerpodcast — the more random, the better!

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