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August 10, 2018


Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur? Click here to read the 5 things it really takes to make sure your business doesn't fail.

It’s true, running your own business and being an entrepreneur is pretty awesome. I personally enjoy working from home in yoga pants and calling all the shots. But the truth is it’s not easy and there are a few characteristics I’ve noticed as trends in the amazing girl bosses I’ve come into contact with over the years and today I want to share a few of them with you. Are you REALLY cut out to be an entrepreneur? I’m serious, this is a question that we’re going to analyze today.

Why? 1 out of 5 businesses don’t even survive the first year and within 5 years over half of the businesses will have failed. That’s staggering isn’t it? It’s my goal that by bringing some of this to light will help you navigate these entrepreneurial waters a little bit easier.

A strong gut game

You know what’s best for you and your business, and being able to tune into and trust that instinct is so important when running a business. Getting advice and learning from others further down the path than you is smart, but make sure you don’t get stuck in a vicious cycle of researching, getting advice and then not taking action because of information overload. Be assertive and go with your gut.

Clear mission, purpose, vision or why…

It will always, always go back to your “why.” It’s easy to forget that when your nose is to the grindstone or you’re just attempting to stay afloat. Knowing who it is your serving and why is going to get you through those tough times when things get tough and you want to quit. Write out your vision, who it is you serve, how you want to show up in this world and make a difference and then revisit it often. Being clear on this one thing will make all the difference when things get hard or you want to quit. 

Commitment: being all in

Do you get frustrated because friends and family haven’t recognized your business as a business? They think it’s a cute hobby and not a real business? Could this be because maybe YOU aren’t taking it seriously? I’ve noticed entrepreneurs who say they’re running a business, but really are trying it out not all in and when things get tough or uncomfortable they give up. Trust me, there are going to be plenty of roadblocks. Is what you’re working towards more important than the obstacles you face? We can’t have our toes in the water if we’re going to run successful businesses and make a big impact in this world.

The support system to carry it through

Feeling like you’re all alone on a deserted island? Yeah… it’s time to find a community or at least people who believe in what you’re doing. The people you surround yourself with are going to make a major impact on the success of your business. Are they people with big goals and dreams like you? Or are they playing it safe and won’t be supportive of someone doing things differently? Make sure you’ve got a group of people behind you that understand your passion and the “why” behind pursuing the life of an entrepreneur.

The ability to recognize mindset blocks 

Take a serious look at any mindset blocks and shifts that might need to happen for you to be successful. Check out this bonus episode on the podcast where I talk about 5 mindset shifts to take you to the next level including:

-Abundance vs. scarcity
-Community vs. competition
-I have experience others can learn from
-I am worthy
-I am unique

All of the most successful entrepreneurs I know face these same mindset blocks, but the difference is they recognize them and have the ability to move past them to think more powerfully and positively.

That’s it! Notice what wasn’t on my list: a degree, lots of money or fancy connections. I believe each and every one of us has the ability to make our dreams a reality with 

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