Reactive vs. Proactive Fertility: Why It Matters for Women in Biz

August 2, 2021


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I openly talk about my journey and challenges with fertility on this podcast and across every social media platform. Why? Because when I was walking through it, I found hope, guidance, and comfort from the women who were out there already sharing their own fertility struggles in a vulnerable and transparent way. With the conversation around fertility expanding and more focus on the topic not just for those trying to get pregnant, but also as a proactive part of women’s health, more and more women are asking questions about their own fertility. 

Afton Vechery is co-founder and CEO of Modern Fertility. Before she even started company, she wanted to understand her own fertility, even though she wasn’t trying for kids. What she encountered was an expensive and complicated process… So she decided to change it.

If you are curious about women’s health, proactive fertility, and the decisions that come with family planning, this episode explores those topics and more with Afton Vechery. 

Where Her Story Begins

Afton Vechery started her very first business as part of a freshman year science project. She identified water quality issues in her town and formed a business to help people understand their water quality and improve it. From there, her career evolved into even more entrepreneurial endeavors, always with heath and science at the cross section of her businesses. 

When she started Modern Fertility with her co-founder, Afton envisioned it as a personal fertility information company. It was important for them to shift the thinking about fertility from reactive to proactive, bringing the same fertility testing usually reserved for a doctor’s visit in your own home so you can understand your fertility earlier in the process at a fraction of the cost.

As Afton said, “Our entire system today is based on trying and failing for a certain period of time before you’re even offered the option to get some of these tests, and then your insurance might not even cover them.” Modern Fertility is the answer to that system.

Millenials and Family Planning

Women of the millennial generation have access to more information than ever before, but this generation is also approaching fertility and family planning differently than the women who came before. Afton shared the statistic that 1 in 6 couples have trouble getting pregnant, and as we wait longer to start families, the “reactive” system we have isn’t helping to improve that statistic.

What’s helping, though, are the very public conversations about fertility, pregnancy, and pregnancy loss. Afton says, “At just a macro level, what’s been amazing to see is just women demanding answers and having this conversation out in the open,” she continued, “These are the things normalizing fertility as a part of our health, as a part of our lives, I think really is the first step.”

How Modern Fertility Works

Are you curious about the proactive fertility process? Afton laid out the steps in our conversation, so hit play for the full explanation, but here’s a summary of what to expect. 

First, request a test at It’s customized based on the type of birth control you’re taking, if any. It’ll test for a range of hormones that can reveal everything from the amount of eggs you have in your ovaries to potential red flags that would warrant a further conversation with your doctor. The test will help you understand your baseline for getting pregnant that you can measure over time.

It’s all done with a finger prick from home. The information and results you receive empower you to continue the conversation with your own primary care provider, whether you’re trying to start a family now or in the future. Press play to hear a full discussion of the different hormones that Modern Fertility can test and measure in your body — super fascinating!

More from Afton Vechery

If you want to learn more about Modern Fertility, visit to read their on-going studies, join a free webinar or educational event, order a kit, and learn about the other ways they’re supporting women’s health. 

If you are ready for a proactive approach to fertility, get $20 off a Modern Fertility hormone test.

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