8 Ways I’m Prioritizing My Health As A Busy Mom of 2

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May 5, 2022


Running a business with big dreams is amazing. Raising up my own little slice of the next generation is amazing. But doing them together can really take a toll on my own health if I’m not careful (as many of my fellow working mamas know & understand well). As 2022 began, I chose “vibrant” as my word for the year — and I’m truly committed to living a life that’s vibrant at every turn. I want to enjoy all the beautiful things about business and motherhood and to do that, I have to put my own health pretty high on my priority list.

Today, I’m sharing a little glimpse into my own “health toolkit” these days. Not all of these will be feasible for everyone — and that’s totally fine! You don’t have to follow my approach at all, because you know what’s best for you. If anything, I hope you simply know you’re worthy of living a healthy, full life, and maybe these practices might give you some ideas to incorporate more you-time into your routine.

Plus, at times in our current world, it can feel daunting to talk about health-related topics openly (especially online), and so I’m excited to shatter that hesitancy and pull back the curtain on how I’m taking care of myself in this season of motherhood and entrepreneurship.

8 ways I’m prioritizing my health

I’m really grateful for all of these tools, and I hope they offer you some helpful insight, too!

01. Checking in on my metabolic health. 

I’m learning that sooo much of my vibrant life is linked to my metabolic health, or lack thereof! In January, I tracked my metabolism for 30 days through Levels, just to get a full picture of what was going on in my body and its energy. Basically, it tracks your bodies response and blood sugar levels to the food you eat in real time. You can see spikes, watch for dips, and see how your body responds to different foods. It’s always a fascinating experience and so kicking off my year with a Levels tracker was super insightful and kickstarted my journey into digging into more of my health. (I used Levels for the first time pre-pregnancy with Quinn, so it was a great check-in one year later as I figured out my postpartum needs!)

02. Hiring a nutritionist. 

Finding an RD who loves functional medicine was a game-changer for me. Being Brigid is an absolutely incredible nutritionist who works with my Levels data and other health charts to create a plan to support what’s going on in my body specifically. There are some great benchmarks and checkpoints we can learn from nutrition and health experts in a general sense, but I’ve found that taking a deep dive into my individual nutrition needs has transformed my health so much more. 

Brigid and I meet every other week to check-in, recap how things are going, and make ongoing plans to better my health. She even helps me select the most optimal HelloFresh meals for our family, recommending additions and swaps that will support and fuel us. I look forward to every single call, knowing I’m investing in myself long-term, which is great for my business, my kiddos, and my health. 

03. Scheduling some labs. 

I know, I know — needles aren’t something most people jump up and down about. But there is truly so much valuable data to be found in some basic tests! I did a full blood and urine workup earlier this year to check for lots of important levels, including micronutrients, hormones, and deficiencies. I also took a DNA methylation test, because I wanted to find out about any breaks in my DNA. Knowing those details equipped me to support my body and understand why I am the way I am.

With my results in hand, I was able to select supplements based on what I actually need, rather than just taking popular ones and hoping for the best. I also made a few dietary changes to support the deficiencies we found and to energize my body for the seasons ahead. I truly feel better already, so if you’ve been putting off that lab appointment, consider this your friendly tap on the shoulder that it’s well worth it.

04. Investing in some health technology. 

Not going to lie, a few months ago I didn’t even know what these were. Then my sister got a set and was telling me and a week later, I got to try them at a friends house and I was literally sold. The HyperIce Normatech leg sleeves might make me feel like a Transformer, but they’re worth their weight in gold. 

Drew and I use them every single day and they honestly inspire me to work out a little harder so I can recover a bit better! Their compressive technology offers faster recovery through compression and lymphatic drainage, so I can enjoy all kinds of movement and still recharge in no time. Every session is totally customizable, so I can always get the treatment I need.

On top of that, we also got an Infrared PEMF mat after trying one and lay on it while we do the leg sleeves (talk about batch working!) and we love it so much, we got my mom one to help in her healing journey. Even Coco loves laying on the mat each day! We may be going off of the biohacking deep end here but we also got this red light therapy and I sit in front of it each morning and call my mom or meditate and so far, I’m loving it. I’ll post an update soon! 

05. Moving my body consistently. 

Speaking of movement, I decided that this would be the year I moved my body for 20 minutes every single day — whether that’s a quick and simple walk after dinner, a fun and sweaty Peloton workout, or a session on my new DB Method machine (Instagram ads got me on this one!). I try to get in an equipment-based workout 4x/week, but I stopped sweating the small stuff, because all movement is good movement, right?! When I stopped telling myself that only certain workouts “counted,” I could focus on moving my body because it feels good and it is good for me (mentally, too) to do so. I’m caring for my body because I love it, not because I have anything to prove. 

06. Buying an air fryer. 

If you’re not on the air fryer bandwagon yet, an air fryer might not seem like it screams “health,” but oh my… It makes ALL foods taste better (veggies included). I might be a little late to this party, but I am here now — and I’m throwing confetti everywhere, because my gosh, this is the best kitchen gadget around. I want to eat warm, nutritious lunches, even during busy days, and this tool is the thing that’s finally allowed me to do that. I prep good food, like chicken, cauliflower, and broccoli, each week. Then, I can pop it into the air fryer for a lunch that is genuinely delicious, healthy, AND quick. I’m never going back. 

07. Creating a bedtime routine. 

Sleep is a huge part of our overall health, but it can be hard to prioritize — especially as parents AND entrepreneurs! (Do the 3am idea bursts hit anyone else?!) I created a new wind-down routine each night to calm my mind and prep my body for a great night’s rest. These days, this routine is my tried-and-true way to reset before sleep. This has been the most challenging era of sleep as Coco has transitioned into a big girl bed and wakes up a few times a night, so while I can’t control everything, I’m controlling what I can with a good routine. 

Here’s what I do: 

  • Dim the lights to signal to my body that sleep is juuuust ahead. 
  • Put away the phone — no screens in our bedroom ever!
  • Pop a magnesium supplement to aid in good sleep all night long. 
  • Turn on the humidifier so I can breathe clean air that won’t dry out my nasal passages. 
  • Read — but only for fun! This is my time to relax and enjoy, not learn for my biz. 

These five things have totally changed my sleeping game for the better, and I wake up feeling rested and refreshed in a way I hadn’t felt in a long time before I started using this routine each night. 

08. Taking good care of my skin.

Our skin is literally our largest organ, so I definitely focus on nourishing it well. From doing what’s known as the “vampire facial” or PRP and micro needling to ensuring my skincare has ingredients I can read, my skin has been a major focus for me in this postpartum season. For years and years, I’ve sworn by this product line. Clean, pregnancy and nursing safe, and they keep my skin healthy with natural ingredients! Their products have changed my skin for good, and they truly feel like spa-level luxury without breaking the bank. Right now, you can get 10% off any product using code JK10!

Well, there you have it! I know it’s a lot but in this season of life, I love being transparent about my health journey and opening the doors to share the tools, resources, and mentors I am tapping into to guide me! These are the health practices I’m prioritizing right now to feel my best — inside and out. What are your favorite health rituals? Leave them in a comment below so we can learn from & be inspired by one another!


Your skin deserves love, too. Save 10% with code JK10 at checkout!

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  1. One thing I love as a mom is using electronic back and neck massagers! Since I no longer have time to visit a massage therapist to keep away the aches from long wedding photography days, I bought a couple options on Amazon and I’m in love! Now I can have a daily massage if I want – keeps mama happy!

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m right there with you girl! Thank you for motivating and inspiring me always.

  3. […] of the first things Jenna listed on her ways to prioritize her health was checking in on her metabolic health. She used Levels to […]


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