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February 24, 2020


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What is your why? What is the true reason you jump out of bed and keep cruising toward your dreams, even when it gets really stinking tough? Getting to the heart of your why is the single biggest factor in sticking with your goals no matter how rough the road gets. And I don’t say this in theory, I say it because I know. Ever since trying this exercise, my vision of my why has never been clearer, and my drive to continue the work that I’m doing has never been stronger.

It’s called Seven Levels Deep, and it’s from the only course I took last year called the Knowledge Broker Blueprint. Seven Levels Deep is, “a very important tool with the main focus of anchoring in your ‘why’. There may not be a more powerful motivating factor on the planet than knowing your true ‘why’. When you know; in your soul, why you get up every morning and fight for your dreams, you’ll never let anything get in your way of becoming the person you are meant to be.”

My business coach Dean Graziosi teaches this tool in KBB, so I’ve invited him on Goal Digger once again to lead us all through it. It’s funny, I’ve done the Seven Levels Deep exercise twice now, and the second time around my “why” was even more refined and focused. I’ll tell you what it is, and Dean and I will guide you through the questions to determine your why, all in this episode.

Self-Doubt Crossroads

How many personal development books have you picked up that promised to help you find your purpose? Dean said that before this exercise, he had read a ton of books, listened to a bunch of speakers, and sought clarity in his ‘why’ only to come away more overwhelmed. Can you relate?

This exercise is different. It’s simple, direct, and as Dean said, it will “land in your soul”. When we’re faced with a big decision that will lead to a major life change, there’s only one thing that will keep you from sliding backwards. That thing is your why.

Knowing your why will help you battle self-doubt. It will quiet the voices that try to convince you that you’re destined for failure or you’re just an imposter. And it will turn up the volume on those voices telling you YES, you can do this. This exercise is for people standing at the crossroads of self-doubt and self-belief, who want to continue on the path of YES, I can do this, even when that path gets rough. This exercise will help you anchor in an unstoppable mindset.

Dean’s Why

In our conversation, Dean got super candid about his first experience with Seven Levels Deep. He hired a coach to work with him for $10,000 a day. It was that day Dean discovered his why.

The coach asked Dean why he hired him for the day and the answer came easy, because he wanted to impact more people. But why did he want to impact more people? Dean answered that he wanted to improve the standards in the industry and weed out those who weren’t good at impacting people.

The questions continued to get deeper and deeper into Dean’s ‘why’ until he landed at the final answer to the seventh question: Because he wants to be in control of his life. That’s the core of Seven Levels Deep — Asking yourself WHY seven times until you reach the final heart-filled reason you’ve chosen the path you’re on.

Discovering your why can be an emotional process, and it was for Dean. He navigated past traumas of his childhood, the lack of control he had over his life as his parents moved him around, and the vision he has for the lives of his own children.

That’s what this exercise is all about. It forces you to get very honest about the reason you’ve chosen the path you’re on. The deeper you get, the clearer your why becomes. People ask Dean how he’s achieved all the success in his life and he said (amidst some failures, too) that his success is due to the fact that he, “went upstream and anchored in a why that makes me fight like I’m ten points down all the time.”

How to Dig Deeper

Like in Dean’s first experience with Seven Levels Deep, the first few answers come easily for most people. Maybe it’s financial freedom, freedom of time, creating more impact on the world… Those answers are easy surface level reasons why we get started on our businesses.

So how do we dig deeper to those more elusive answers that come from our heart and soul, not our head?

Sometimes, those deeper answers are tied to pain we’ve experienced or a singular moment in our past that we want to reframe in our heads. For a student of Dean’s at an event a few years ago, it was proving wrong her unfaithful husband who said she wouldn’t amount to anything.

We don’t always want our motivators to come from pain, and it might not be a source for everyone, but if you’re struggling to get deeper answers to these questions about your ‘why’, look to the moments in your past that impacted your heart, not just your head. Sure, things like freedom of time and making more money are great motivators, but they’re not strong enough to keep you going through any roadblock.

More from KBB

Seven Levels Deep is just one of the tools included in the the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program. The entire course is built on three pillars: Mindset, Tactics, and Implementation.

Mindset is all about unlocking the mental barriers you face before you dive into the actual ‘how’ of creating and growing in the knowledge business. Tactics breaks down the actual strategies and systems you can use in your business.

Finally, implementation is the phase that is often the biggest challenge for students in other programs. Have you ever been excited about something, you had the details on how to do it, but you never implemented it?

KBB obsessed on the implementation phase and even created custom software to help you take action. If you’ve found yourself stuck in the excitement phase but you’ve never crossed over into implementation, this program is designed to get you moving ASAP.

Join Us Live

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  1. Mitzi Negic says:

    Hi Jenna,
    I love your site and your podcast, etc. You are incredibly talented.
    I listened to the podcast and went through the exercise you and Dean lay out. Incredibly insightful – I learned something deep about myself that I had never recognized until now – and believe it when I say I am a very aware of myself in general. But what I found was that my why came to be something that I think is detrimental to my success instead of a motivator. So how do you turn that around? I am willing to share but not sure how long my comment can be. Your thoughts?

  2. Mellisa says:

    Powerful stuff! Thank you for doing what you do Jenna!
    I’m thankful I discovered you!
    Shine on! ☀️

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