5 Ways to Supercharge Your Email List Growth

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August 9, 2017


5 Ways to Supercharge Your Email List Growth with Jenna Kutcher

As many of you know, I’m obsessed with email marketing. If you haven’t yet tuned into Episode 12, hit pause on this one and jump back to that one where I share some awesome insight on email marketing and why I recommend it. This episode we will dive a bit deeper into ways to strategically supercharge your email list growth.  If a new business owner or a dreamer approached me and asked where they should focus their attention, my answer would be two fold: grow your social media following and convert them from your accounts to an email list where you can show up and serve them long before you ever sell.

Email marketing is the #1 way I drive profits in my business and with a list of over 75k subscribers and growing, I see the benefits of it every single week within my business. Today I want to walk you through 5 ways to supercharge your email list and break down some of the strategies we are using in my business to amp up the growth and nail down the consistency of how we are showing up in inboxes across the world.

  1. Make it a more personal experience. It’s easy to feel like email marketing is speaking to the masses (and in a way it is!) When you’re collecting emails, make sure to grab the new subscribers first name so you can use it when you’re reaching out. It’s also important to give your opt ins a personality and one easy way to do this is to include a photo of yourself.

You already know I am a giant fan in creating that visual connection and sharing YOU so that people love you and not just what you do. Including a photo on your opt-in box can boost the amount of people who subscribe because they are more likely to trust a human than just a company.

2.) You have to give people a true reason to opt in, something that they are willing to trade their email address for. Now a days we are on the prowl to avoid as much junk as possible and so in order to truly grow your email list, you have to make sure that you’re offering an opt in that is worthy of the exchange. What do your followers need? What keeps them up at night? How can you create an offer that they will be eager to take action on.

A few ideas that convert really well: 5 steps to XYZ, a % off code for a shop, cheat sheets to speed up a learning curve, free templates. We are constantly adding more opt ins to see which ones people are jumping at and then continuing to make more things aligned with them. Which each new opt in, we create a new segment of our email list so we can see who’s grabbing what and be able to share offers with the right people based on their interests.

3.) Grow a following of people that are excited to take action and use powerful calls to action to convert them from simpler followers to eager subscribers. It’s not enough to put a pop up on your website and call it a day, it’s important that you are showing up often in your followers feeds and serving them before you ask them to opt in. Poll your audience, share your expertise freely, and when you’re ready, invite them opt in (understanding that a small percentage of your followers will respond to the call to action BUT the ones that do are your “people.”)

Use simple calls to actions in every single post whether you’re asking them to “like” or comment or even tag their friends below and then when you have a new opportunity to opt in, ask them to follow the link to do so and explain the benefits in a way that makes it impossible to resist. Social media should be a major part of your strategy because it gives people time to know/like/trust you beyond your offers so that when you extend the chance to go further with you, they will be eager to respond.

4.) Run multiple opt ins at once and share them weekly with new ways. When people are launching an email list or trying to experience growth, a lot of times they will put a new opt in out into the world and share it once and then leave it be. The goal for opt ins is to create freebies that are pertinent now and in the future – content that can continue to live on and be shared. You should be sharing your opt ins in multiple places and pushing people to your different resources over and over again.

Place you can share your opt ins: headers and footers of websites and blogs, through pop ups on your site, in your Instagram posts, Facebook posts, through Facebook ads, on podcasts, to your email list, in your Instagram bio on Pinterest. You want to keep recycling your content over and over again so that it’s continually growing your list. You can’t just consider posting about it once as sharing it. You have to have a strategy in place that has you constantly sharing and re-sharing it so that more eyes are on it.

5.) Add an opt in link to your email signature! How many emails are you sending out a day? What would it look like if you have a super simple call to action in your email signature that invited people to opt in to get more exclusive content. If people are in touch with you via email already, they are likely going to be interested in getting more content from you. Have a super simple call to action in your email signature and test it out. Every email you’re hitting send on is a potential opportunity to gain another subscriber, gain their trust, and convert them into a client. By placing a hyperlinked CTA (call to action) in your email signature, you have the ability to turn every recipient into a subscriber.

The top three things we’ve been doing in my business:

  1. Having an opt in linked every single week whether it’s a content upgrade on the podcast, an old opt in shared via Facebook, or a new one added to the link in my Instagram profile. They need not be perfect nor complex to add value to people’s lives. We are always looking for ways to get people to opt in and learn more so that we can serve them more specifically.
  2. Run Facebook ads strategically to different opt ins based on our bigger business goals and bigger picture projects. We’re looking ahead 6-8 weeks about what’s coming out of the docket and how are we preparing and serving until we have something to sell. Running ads to convert people into subscribers and serve them before a launch! We are constantly generating new leads and then developing funnels to serve them with additional content that will interest them.
  3. Testing out new ideas using opt ins to see if my followers are interested/excited by them before developing products or trainings around them. When we get an idea we use the opt ins to test it out, see what the response is and the cost per conversion is with ads and then decide if we want to move forward with the idea or try something different.


Goal Digger Podcast Episode 12 

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    I loved this episode! It was full of so much great info! Thank you again and again and again Jenna!

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