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Chasing Slow and Keeping it Real

I am so excited to share today’s episode with you. I am teaming up with Erin Loechner: wife, momma, blogger, founder of “Design for Mankind”, and author of “Chasing Slow’. I have looked up to Erin for years– her candidness, intentional thoughts, and amazing taste have always stuck out to me as a dose of “reality” in a posed and staged internet world.

The topic I wanted to cover with Erin was the title of her book, “Chasing Slow”. Essentially this means, how to live a peaceful, fulfilling life. Sounds dreamy, right? But how does one actually chase slow? What does it look like? This topic led to interesting conversation around the topic (and beyond!).

(Okay, okay, and we may or may not have talked about me decked out in matching denim. Wait, what? Yes, really.)

A few highlights from this episode:

How To Truly “Break the Mold” & Start a “Personal” Brand

1) Joining in trends ONLY if they make sense to you and feel right

2) Don’t limit yourself to the socially-normal “box”

3) Share parts of your personal life (but nothing that you are uncomfortable with!)

4) BONUS: By being “real” you attract a genuine tribe that relates to you on some level!

Various Methods Used to Chase Slow

1)  Accept that you can’t be everything to everyone

Focus on your talents and the hobbies that bring you joy. If you have a weakness, don’t run from it! You can “practice” A N Y T H I N G  (Like being a mom!)

2) Ask yourself “how can you make your work into something that will help you become a better [insert your biggest goal here]?”

3) Spend time alone, fruitfully

4) Give yourself grace in pursuing a minimalist lifestyle. There is not a perfect mold, it is truly a mindset. Chasing Slow doesn’t necessarily look any certain way.

5) You have to PURSUE slow living; it doesn’t just happen

6) Redefine what matters to you- let the rest of it go

7) Stop telling yourself lies such as, “I just work better at a high speed!”

8) Slow living doesn’t mean that you are happy every moment. Circumstances still arise, but you can adapt.


This episode truly was such a beautiful reminder that life is happening, right now. Be here. Find joy in the common. Breathe. “90% of life is treading water, the beauty is in the treading. You don’t always have to be working towards something.”

You can find Erin online at: Design for Mankind //Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest



by Jenna Kutcher 

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