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5 Ways to Increase Productivity


2 5 Ways to Increase Productivity


I found myself telling him, “I just wish I had a few extra hours to work each day, I never seem to get to everything I want to.” Am I crazy? Am I a workaholic? Or am I just wasting my productive hours by not taking advantage of these 5 hacks that can make a big difference? I’m sharing 5 productivity secrets that can increase the amount of work you’re getting done and how you’re focusing on those hours where you do your best work! Chances are, you’d love to be more productive, too, so here are 5 easy ways to boost your productivity!

1. Schedule must-do tasks when you’re most productive.

If it takes ya a few hours to wake up and get in your zone, schedule your most important tasks to happen during the time when you’re most likely to hit flow state! A lot of times we try to tackle the hardest stuff first thing in the morning and we often try to do ANYTHING but what needs to get done (ahem, we sit in our inboxes refreshing hoping another email drops or scroll on our phones mindlessly waiting for time to pass!) Block your schedule for your most productive times and allow yourself to get focused when the clock strikes flow state!

2. Multitasking isn’t a real thing.

Most of us love to think it is, but we aren’t masterful multitaskers like we think. In fact, your productivity decreases with every internet tab you have open, with every extra click out of that window. Focus on ONE thing and then move onto the next. If you can fully focus you’ll be far more productive, efficient, and you’ll do better work because you won’t be wasting brain power remembering what the heck you were supposed to be doing in the first place.

3. Set a timer:

You know how good you get at cleaning the house when you know someone’s coming over in 5 minutes? Yeah, the same theory works in business. When we were little, my mom would turn over an hourglass and yell at us to clean the house saying, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming!” and guess what, we cleaned like heck! One of the best things we do is set a timer and go into airplane mode. Even if it’s 20-minute increments, you better believe we are more focused and we are fighting to beat the clock which helps us truly live out the “done is better than perfect” motto of our team.

4. Take breaks often:

Isn’t that ironic that taking time away from work makes you a better worker? If you can get up and move, get fresh air, take time away from the screen, you’ll be more productive. Luckily I have 2 little pint-sized pooches who remind me it’s time to get up and go outside every few hours it’s going to improve your health, your focus, and your mood. So stop sitting down for 8-hour marathons and start making time to get up and move and get fresh air… short breaks can help you get more done.

5. Limit your screen time before bed:

Say what? Your nighttime behaviors are creeping their way into your daytime results… One of the most common ways technology kills productivity is by keeping us up at night. You aren’t your best when you’re sleepy or groggy, so we chose to focus on getting a good night’s rest. Disconnect from your screen at least 30 minutes before bed and sleep with it outside of your room so it’s not the first thing you grab for in the morning!

There you have it! Easy ways to be more productive throughout the day and trust me when I tell ya, on those days that I stick to this list, I feel like I accomplish so much more (and I’m ready to disconnect knowing that I got a ton of work done for the day!) Pay attention because these small tweaks can make a big difference when implemented in your day-to-day life!

by Jenna Kutcher 

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