5 Things You Didn’t Know About Creating a Digital Course - Jenna Kutcher

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Creating a Digital Course

Jenna Kutcher 

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Education leads to empowerment, and I fully believe we ALL have something to teach. Whether it’s something learned or something that’s natural to you, whether you’ve had to uncover and research answers to a problem or discover a new way to do something—you have powerful knowledge that can HELP others. And… one of the best, quickest, and most effective ways to teach that knowledge to the masses is by creating a digital course.

“But wait—don’t I need expensive equipment or a massive audience to create a course?” you might be thinking. NO! You don’t. Pinky promise. There are ways to simplify and sell digital courses without any kind of crazy expensive or technical investments or needing hundreds of thousands of followers.

What you NEED for a digital course to be a success is the ability to get people results—and the drive to share about the process that gets them there.

5 things you need to know about creating a digital course

So if you’re wondering whether creating a digital course is in the cards for you, I’m here voting a big fat YES. It can and should be, if you desire to help others and make a greater impact. And today, I’m sharing a few things you may not know about creating a digital course so that you can kick any imposter syndrome aside and get started on the good work of serving others with your amazing, unique knowledge!

01. Your online course doesn’t need to be fancy.

Let me say it again for the people in the back: it DOESN’T need to be fancy! In my courses, I don’t even show up on camera or have a studio or hire a makeup artist. Some people like the whole nine yards of being face on camera, but to me that’s added pressure to memorize talking points and get pulled together. In my opinion, it’s more important to get the information into the hands (and heads) of your students than to get fancy and be on screen.

The delivery doesn’t have to be stunning. It’s more about the message than the method, so go ahead and give yourself permission to record your audio over some simple slides and just get the information recorded. Trying to make it a full-blown Hollywood production will only get you stuck in the starting line.

Over time, you’ll get better at the technicalities and quality, but keep in mind that people just want to learn, not be dazzled with pretty. 

02. Your course content is not permanent. 

Say it with me: action over perfection, action over perfection! Take action, get it recorded, and KNOW that there might be a few hiccups and mistakes along the way. That is the truth for eeeeevery single course ever created. Good news is, you can ALWAYS change something later on.

We’ve done countless additions, revisions, and iterations of our programs. The best thing about digital teaching is that you can edit, change, update, or re-do your programs, so let “done” be better than perfect. It’s much more important to keep a pulse on your students’ progress, and get excited to continually make your programs better over time. 

03. You need not be great at tech to create a digital course.

And we all sang HALLELUJAH. One of *the biggest hangups* I hear from those who want to create a digital course is, “But I don’t think I can handle the tech!”

Oooooh, sister. I hear you, but let me quote my dear gal pal Marie Forleo in saying, “Everything is figure-outable.” And, it’s usually not as complicated as we build it up in our minds. (Anyone else make a big deal about something and then realize it’s not so bad once you end up getting to it? #guilty)

You can record your modules and lessons using your laptop with programs that are already on there like Quicktime or Garageband or even free services like Loom or Zoom. Grab your earbuds, and hit record.

Once you’ve recorded, there are so many platforms out there like Kajabi where they can house and layout your course. All you have to do is upload what you’ve got! No need to reinvent the wheel; there are resources out there to support you, even if you’re not tech-savvy. 

04. Focus on the end result your course will deliver.

While YOU will be obsessed with the components and features inside of your program (because you should be), people aren’t generally concerned about all the bells and whistles. They want to know what the end result is. What will they GET at the end of your course? Lead all of your marketing materials (sales page, emails, social posts) with that angle.

And, when you’re beginning to think about creating your program, start with asking yourself: “What is the end result for a student who completes this program?” and then reverse engineer your unique process to get there. 

05. Simple courses can be wildly successful! 

It’s tempting to throw in everything and the kitchen sink because it’s intimidating and vulnerable to charge money for your knowledge, but the truth is, these days people want short, implementable information. Brevity sells and getting people quick results is the winning strategy.

Don’t be tempted to overcomplicate or to serve TOO much that it overwhelms your students, and then they don’t even complete the program. A big reason people purchase online courses is to have things simplified and to get a shortcut to results, not to take more time or feel overwhelmed by the end of it all.

Excited to start creating a digital course?! 

You should be, because I truly believe you have important info and results that needs to get into that hands of people who desire it! I’m so excited to see what program you decide to build and share with the world. And remember, don’t let the small stuff trip you up. Start taking action with the mission to help others experience awesome results, and you’ll be golden. 

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