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May 6, 2019


If you’ve been following along for the past week, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Tony Robbins and my business coach Dean Graziosi’s new life-changing course called the Knowledge Business Blueprint. I’ve been working my way through it and have truly been BLOWN away by all the wisdom and palpable guidance these guys are offering up.

Dean and Tony are two business geniuses who have combined their 60-plus years of experience in the marketing and educating industry to teach you (yeah, YOU!) how to extract your own unique knowledge and teach it to other like-minded people in live and virtual mastermind events, groups or online courses. Ideas for ways to grow and scale my own business even further have been popping up left and right as I take the course, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur or influencer or marketing wiz to sign on up.

Really and truly, we are all experts in something. That’s sort of the heartbeat and foundation of the KBB. They want to share and teach that everyone has some unique, special, and valuable superpower that the world needs access to… It’s all about finding it, honing it, and sharing it in a really smart format.

That’s why I want to share with y’all today about the “Discovering Your Superpower” lesson in Module One of the Knowledge Business Blueprint course. That’s right… I’m pulling the curtains back on one of the most impactful lessons of this course to show you that we all have these core competencies that make our way of doing things a little different than everybody else. Here are the 4 questions to ask yourself to discover what sets YOU apart.


The first question Dean poses in this lesson is all about determining your different approaches, creative solutions, and heartfelt intentions in your business. Whether you run a successful Etsy shop or work at a dentist’s office, you bring a few things to the table that are different than others’ methods.

Dean shares his standout capabilities in the lesson… He cares about people in a way that they believe and trust, he’s enthusiastic, and he’s authentic. These go beyond business and strategy and profit. It’s almost more on the level of core values. What three things do you show up with everyday that make people endeared to you or want to work with you?

Dean says in the lesson, “The more you niche this down, the more you’ll uncover your superpower and the more you’ll make it so easy to be able to teach within direct alignment of your unique ability.” Once you have a deeper understanding of the things you do that set you apart, how you show up distinctively, you can begin developing ways to teach that approach to others.


Now, this is more in the realm of what things you do for your business that no one else can do for you or like you. Maybe you’re the brilliant numbers person, or you’re really good at listening to others and making them feel heard. It could be that you’re good at systems and scheduling, or writing copy that really moves readers and inspires them to take action.

List the three things that are key in your success. And hey, success doesn’t mean crazy-big profits and 60-hour workweeks. It means, when you are doing your absolute best and feel your absolute best, what are the things you do really, really well that are super specific to you?

Odds are, some part of your work process is a little (or a LOT) different than the status quo, and that’s the magic space that others will be dying to learn about and work into their own routines when they see how it’s affected your success.


Here comes the real fun. Decipher the two things that you do in your work that bring you the greatest deal of joy. Odds are, they’re also the money-makers in your business. We all have things that we do because we have to do them, but we’d really rather focus on X, Y, or Z most of the time.

That special sauce area where you are totally on fire for what you do… That’s often the stuff that you’ll never outsource because you love doing it so much AND it shows. When you are in this euphoric work mode, your innovative and problem-solving modes are turned to high. You are your best self, and you’d never give these action items to other members of your team because you are so confident in your abilities.


Here comes the dig-deep question. Think back to your rock-bottom moments, or the mistakes you made that catapulted you onto your current path. What changed or failed or made you yearn for something different? Who told you no? When did you find the courage to embark on a new mission?

Write down two or three transformation stories (we all have a few kick-in-the-gut moments in our lives), and think about how they have set you on the course you’re now following. These stories anchor people to you and your experiences because we see ourselves in other people’s epiphanies. We’ve all had low moments or times where we wanted to quit.

When you can share these raw stories that ultimately led you to success, you will earn the trust of others and show empathetically that you’ve been through similar rough times as the people who want to learn from you.

Once you reflect on these 4 questions and come up with all of your answers, you’ll have the roadmap and the outline for the many approaches, techniques, and mindsets that make you different than the competition. The truth is, we are all so very different and come to the table with our own irreplaceable strengths. When you can tap into yours, pick them out, and turn them into teachable nuggets of gold, people will be knocking your door down to learn from you.

What students are uncovering from this course

Here are some examples from students that have already hopped into the course who’ve extracted their superpower that they plan to share with the world:

  • Melissa who wants to teach other women how to start a business like her home staging and design business.
  • Christina whose super power is to encourage and empower women to to make a home they love on any budget
  • Cornelia who is a macrame artist who wants to create an online macrame course
  • Elizabeth who wants to help others learn how to live life longer with anti aging hacks!
  • Erin who plans to help people heal from eating disorders
  • Prasha whose mission is to close the gender gap in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and break the negative stereotypes regarding women in STEM
  • Kelly says “I am an artist and teacher and after 15 years in the classroom, I am eager to take my skills to a new level and a new audience – I just need to figure out what I am going to teach and what my superpowers are with this course!”
  • Heather who wants to be a sewing educator and create a sewing community


I’ve been blown away by the diverse topics and unique abilities these people have and how they plan to serve the world with them! If this isn’t proof that everyone has something they can teach and impact the world with, I don’t know what it! Inspiring, right? 

For more on how you can tap into your own knowledge potential and turn it into profitable virtual and live events, come hang out with me! No, really! I’m jumping on Facebook live everyday this week to walk through the Knowledge Business Blueprint with my audience and give a little more insight into how it’s already changing my business and life, and how it could change yours. Go here to catch me on live and join the convo.



Check out more info on the Knowledge Business Blueprint right here

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