5 Trends I Found After Interviewing 100 Successful Women

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July 4, 2018


Can you believe it? I’ve interviewed over 100 powerhouse, insane, awesome women on this show and I wanted to sum up the big takeaways I’ve found from interviewing the women who inspire us daily. If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll know we have interviewed everyone from authors, influencers, CEOs, moms, athletes, and beyond! All of them with a unique story, all of them with an irreplaceable impact, but all of them with overlapping themes. The beauty of this episode? It will apply to YOU! There is no strict rulebook to success, but there are five key things that likely all of us will experience. And today? We are going to show you the 5 Trends I found After Interviewing 100 Women! Ya ready

1. No path is the same:

Goal Diggers, let this sink in! NO PATH is the same! Your journey will look completely different than the woman next to your or mine or your mom’s or your co-workers.

For some of us, we know exactly what we want in a career age 8, and for others, we don’t figure it out until middle-aged. Some of us have a side-hustle, some of us are in college, some of us are working behind a desk (and loving it!) and some of us are working behind a desk (and hating it!) .  My point here is that no one’s journey looks like YOURS, my friend, and that’s beautiful.

Just thinking back to Lori Harder’s venture from fitness to business and beyond, and from Johnna Holmgren’s journey from chalk artist to the cookbook author (yes, really!), Amanda Bucci’s journey from nursing to fitness, Danielle Prahl’s unique venture from hair salon owner to computer coding and launch management… It’s safe to say that there are many unique stories shared on this show. And yours is JUST as special.

My point here? NO ONE’S journey looks like yours and no one else truly understands what you are feeling inside. Not your husband, your mom, your best friend… truly ONLY YOU can know what your path has truly felt like and about the way your path is unfolding. And the bonus points? Life will surprise you! No one can perfectly plan their own path, but we must all be open and engaged to make the both of our big break!

We all have taken different roads, had different big breaks, faced different failures, and there is no one size fits all system that has led us all to where we are today. The good news is? The path you’re on is the right one (because you’re on it!)

2. Perseverance is HUGE:

Each story held times where we’ve been told, “no” or that we aren’t enough or our dreams are too impossible, and pushing through that and pressing on is a huge trait.

I heard a lot about big no’s and small no’s from our guests. In episode 148, Brandice Daniels taught us the art of sponsorships and hearing ‘no!” simply a part of the journey! (But if you stick at it long enough, those no’s will turn into yes’s!) There were also bigger no’s along the way, as well. Jaclyn Johnson’s episode told us about her amazing, plush job that suddenly laid her off during the stock market crash… We learned If you still have issues getting turned down, I am going to teach you how to reframe your thinking!

How can the word “no” get you to your dreams? You can use “no” as the opportunity to get very strong in your WHY. What is your WHY— your why is the reason you started this journey, the reason you put in the long hours and the late nights. Holding tight to your fire and your WHY will ensure that the right doors will open, and the wrong doors will stay shut! There will be long days, and days you want to quit, and stressful moments, and you have to want it so badly because it won’t be easy. But it will be worth it because your WHY is that strong!

Also, you have to trust in life’s timing. I’ve learned to think of every “no” as an opportunity for a better “yes” that’s just around the corner! Goal Diggers, there undoubtedly will be times you get turned down and hear no, but here’s the biggest takeaway: Just because someone told you no doesn’t mean you can’t come back with a “YES, I can!”

3. Failure will happen:

…And the best part? It’s okay! Failure can be a friend, not a foe! I can think of so many beautiful examples of failure on this show. On a personal note, I vividly remember sharing my own personal failures and shortcomings in Episode 15, and 127 in “10 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You”, we also heard about Beth Kirby’s journey of twists and turns, mental health battles, and “failing’ out of college before she started her crazy incredible business, and we heard about a quite literal loss from Nastia Liukin’s dramatic gymnastics finish in episode 188. (That episode moved me to tears!)

But in each of these episodes, there was a redemption song. In each of these episodes, our guests highlighted when they had failed, gotten lost, been stagnant… But ALWAYS, they found their way if they shifted their perspective and adjusted their sails.

Often times, when we reflect on our lives, it is the failures that set the foundation for greatness. It is those really low moments that cause us to pause, re-evaluate, and ultimately shape our lives. I really want you to think back to times in your business, your education, your relationships, heck, just your life in general… where you have failed. Big moments and small, consider them all… and then think about what came out of those failures. Yes, there may have been some difficult emotions and setbacks, but ultimately, most of our failures bring about new life, new successes, and new experiences.

Goal Diggers, I want you to remember that failure is not something that will ruin you, it’s usually a jumping point towards your dreams. Remember that!

4. No one has it figured out:

Can I say this louder for the people in the back! No one out there has ever, ever, ever had “all the secrets” or knows exactly what’s going on. Believe it or not, everyone out there starts at point zero just like you! While I am fully aware that people have different situations and circumstances, every single person is figuring it out as they go.

To put it simply: We’re all flailing at times and our lives look way cooler on Instagram. For example, in episode 154 when Melissa Ambrosini told us about how she was internally flailing while everyone thought she was thriving in her acting, dancing, and glamorous life …
 I can’t tell you how many of our guests openly admitted that they just started their business with no idea what was going on, but figured it out along the way!

This is not to say throw caution to the wind, but to say be open to learning, growing, and being curious along the ride! There is no better teacher than experience, and I can’t think of any better way to learn that ditch the doubt and just get started today! If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know I live by “done is better than perfect!”. Perfect is boring, and I promise your human-ness is what makes you unique and irreplaceable.

5. You need community:

I have been striving to create a community from the Goal Digger Podcast since day 1 and I feel that is so apparent in each episode. I truly only choose to interview a woman that build others up and truly embody “community over competition”. It is so easy to get competitive and catty in this online world, but there is always, always, always enough to go around. (To hear more about utilizing the abundance mindset, tune into Bonus Episode #9 “5 Mindset Shifts To Take Your Business To The Next Level”)

I cannot tell you how much I have learned from community in my own business and in my mentorship avenues. In this podcast, I interview countless women that I have met through community. By investing in my tribe, I have met the most incredible women who inspire me daily.

Many of who, you have met on the show! There are countless women I have met through investing in community like joining a mastermind group. You may remember interviews with the incredible  Lori Harder, Amanda Bucci, Sarah Adler, Emma Natter, Katie Den Ouden, Ashlyn Carter, and so many others. In these mastermind groups, entrepreneurs get together and collaborate, help the others problem solve, and build one another’s business, together. (If you have more questions about mastermind groups, hear me explain them and how they can impact YOUR business in episode #64 and #145!)

Why do I highlight community? Because, ladies, we need one another. This world is busy, demanding, and full of comparison. We need one another to support, offer advice, and create true connection!


To be honest, I got a little emotional writing this episode as I am thinking about each and every one of the women I’ve interviewed on this show. Over 100 women, and each of them so beautiful, so brilliant, and each of them writing their own unique story. But all of them with common themes that we discussed in this show. What I really hope is that this message hits you. You are not alone, your journey is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. Whether you are in a high point or a low, you are writing your story. And I am SO proud of you.

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