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Steal Amy Porterfield’s Best LIVE Video Hacks

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I am getting a bit emotional about this episode because, you guys, THIS WOMAN is the reason I got into podcasting . I am so, so incredibly honored to introduce you to Amy Porterfield, a brilliant, kind, revolutionary online educator. I truly cannot express the wisdom and savviness this woman possesses. On episode 092 I wanted to dive into utilizing live video (I.e.; Facebook Live, Instagram Live, etc.) in your social media plan. It is one of the most unique, impactful ways to move your business forward, and you get to learn from the expert herself, the radiant, Amy Porterfield!

The Basics:

Live video is a newer feature in the social media world. Essentially, you record yourself and chat with your followers/potential clients. It can be intimidating absolutely, but it is so incredible because it allows you to connect with your audience in real time (and beyond!) and adds an irreplaceable level of humanness and uniqueness to your brand. You essentially get to draw in your potential clients and spread your message in authentic way for free! That is crazy! Amy mentioned that “there is nothing more powerful than showing up in real time and connecting with your audience” There are many ways to utilize it— bring it within your social media pages (Ex: A specific live video within a Facebook group) or broadcast it from your main business page. Regardless, there are certain tips to making sure your message gets across and properly received!


Girlfriend, I get ya. It can be challenging to show up to the world in such a raw, vulnerable way. However, Amy and I chatted about this at length because we both struggle with this, but it is WORTH IT to show up to the world! A few tips and tricks: get ready for it! Do your hair and makeup or do a little dance— whatever it takes to feel confident! And trust the truth of “most people are in their own heads, worried about their own needs”— no one is noticing your blemish or that your roots are overgrown.

And at the end of the day, even if you still feel overwhelmed at the thought of going alive, you just gotta suck it up because going live is THEE way to reach your audience. Ask yourself , “Am I going to be self conscious and hide? Or am I going to serve my audience and be bold?” You’re amazing, babe! Own it!


Amy mentioned scheduling her live sessions at a specific time each week so that her followers can plan for it and follow along. This keeps her accountable and shows consistency to her clients. Her tip is just to make going live a “normal part of your routine” that you plan for. She also dug further into the importance of preparing! You want to show your best self to your clients and doing your homework is the best way to ensure that. You want to come across as professional, prepared. Have a quick outline to keep you on track: tell people who you are, what you’re about, ask them a question, get into your content.

At the end, answer questions, and a call to action! Do what you have to do to make it smooth— field questions beforehand instead of reading them rapid fire off the screen. Also, be sure to have it be engaging! Ask questions, make it relatable, use pictures- whatever you have to do to make your viewed stay tuned in!


While it is worth showing up in any way you can, to really get the most bang for your buck, be strategic! Try to have your videos be 20-30 minutes long for engagement and length. Keep things on “theme” and use it to build your business. If you have a launch or a product coming out, use the weeks prior to “build” people into your service! Have relevant topics, Q&A’s, and content to stay on their radar. It is also an excellent opportunity to have people “opt-in” to your email server! Plan freebies and give people call to action so that they become familiar with your brand. Also, for those “numbers” people, you can track who watches and if they buy your product with different Facebook messenger bots! Score!

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Amy is an online marketing expert and educator and the host of the top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. She has worked with mega brands like Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, where she oversaw the content development team and collaborated on ground-breaking online marketing campaigns. Through her bestselling marketing courses, thriving social media community and popular podcast, Amy inspires a grounded, tangible and self-affirming sense of “Wow! I really can do this” for over 250,000 online entrepreneurs. She proves that by moving away from “step-by-step” and into “action-by-action”, even the newest online entrepreneurs can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and instead generate exciting momentum as they move closer to building a life and business they love.

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