Social Media: How Much of What We See is True?!

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October 2, 2017


Photo: Jennifer Brindley

Social Media: How Much of What We See is True?

Guys, there is a true blurry line between reality and business in terms of social media. We all know how much I love using social media to advance my business, but I completely understand why some people consider the instagram world to be a big session of smoke and mirrors. This week I am so honored to interview Jenni Radosevich, who was so raw and open about how she has used social media to play a “persona” at times in her life. Together we dug into growing your business, staying true to yourself, and embracing life’s failures- ALL when your life is on public display. 

So much of what we see isn’t “reality”

Jenni was very honest about different points in her career where she was projecting an online image: in terms of finances, success, stress, and heck, even location! But Jenni isn’t the only one that has put on an “act” for social media. How many of us have perfectly styled our breakfast or moved to an area of better lighting just for a post? 

What Can You Do?

But, guess what, putting effort into your social media is not necessarily a bad thing! For many of us, social media is a way to promote our business and create a line of income… so it DOES require effort, but you can’t let it consume you or take you away from real life moments. Jenni and I discussed different ways we attempt to bring “reality” to our feeds- whether that be truthful captions or bringing personality to your stories, find avenues to create a clear picture of who you are (not just perfect pictures of your lattes!).

Easy Ways to Limit Your Social Media Use As an Entrepreneur:

Organizing the apps on your phone in a different way

Preplanning social media during work hours (avoid that 7PM time-sucking Instagram post!)

Find “authenticity” in Instagram stories and captions even if you feel the need to post perfectly styled things

Prioritize quality over quantity in regards to your posting

Make a social media plan to ensure it doesn’t become an area of consuming stress

Avoiding doing things solely for posts 

Schedule time to respond and interact with followers (Builds community!)

Prioritize in-person meet ups (Bonus points for leaving your phone in the car!)

Try your hardest not to be “fulfilled” by engagement – Do things because YOU love them! 

Captions That Convert FREEBIE // JK Instagram Guide 


Guest Bio:

Growing up in Wisconsin, Jenni Radosevich was always creating her own style. If she saw something in a magazine that she couldn’t find in her local department store, she would make it herself. After moving to New York City, Jenni started a career at InStyle magazine, working as a graphic designer and DIY columnist, which evolved into a website: ISpyDIY.com and book, I Spy DIY Style, and now a product line, #ispydiysupplies.  Jenni has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America The Today Show, and in the Wall Street Journal. I Spy DIY is now based in Milwaukee, WI, where Jenni is busy flipping and renovating houses, DIY decorating her own home that was featured on HGTV, and playing with her new puppy, Griffin!

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