A Book is Better Than a Business Card, Here’s Why

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March 25, 2024


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Is publishing a book the next chapter for your business?! If so, head to http://selfpublishing.com/jenna to save a seat for Chandler’s upcoming free class, “How to Launch Your Book to Bestseller Status in 3 Easy Steps”!

Contrary to what you may think, writing a book doesn’t have to take years, you don’t have to have a fancy publishing deal, and it’s not a waste of time… 

In fact, the passive income you can generate and the credibility you’ll gain in the eyes of your readers and potential customers will prove that your words can become a driving force behind your empire!

Imagine turning your expertise, experiences, and insights into a tangible masterpiece that not only positions you as an authority but propels your business to new heights. My guest today, Chandler Bolt, is not just an author but a strategic entrepreneur who has harnessed the transformative power of self-publishing to amplify his brand, reach, and revenue… and he’s teaching YOU how to do the same.

In this episode, Chandler is pulling back the curtain on how self-publishing a book can be your ticket to business expansion. If becoming an author is on your vision board this year, be sure to head to http://selfpublishing.com/jenna to unlock the key steps to becoming a published author in 2024!

The Importance of Writing a Book

Writing a book is SUCH a powerful tool for personal and business growth… Just ask Chandler, who said in our conversation, “You can’t spell the word authority without the word author.

The process of writing and publishing a book can open up new opportunities, such as increased credibility, authority, and a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences.

Chandler’s Journey to Becoming the “Book Guy”

Despite being an unlikely candidate due to his background as a college dropout with ADHD, Chandler found success in self-publishing several years ago.

His initial motivation was to share his business knowledge and experiences, and after publishing several successful books, people started seeking his advice on writing and publishing, leading him to become an expert in the field.

Books > Business Cards

Chandler and I are both so passionate that a book is the ultimate business card. Unlike traditional business cards that are often discarded, a book is a tangible asset that can spark conversations, generate leads, and establish authority.

By giving away valuable content in the form of a book, authors can attract qualified leads and potential customers for your business!

Leveraging Stories in Writing

Chandler and I also discussed the importance of incorporating personal stories into books. Stories have the ability to engage readers, convey messages effectively, and create a deeper connection with the audience.

By sharing personal anecdotes and experiences, authors can make their content more relatable and impactful, which connects us to our readers in a way that not many other forms of communication can.

Overcoming Writing Challenges

Of course, there are some common challenges faced by aspiring authors, such as finding time to write and structuring the writing process. Chandler emphasized the importance of starting with a rough draft and focusing on the content before worrying about titles, covers, or marketing plans.

By breaking the writing process into manageable steps, we can overcome obstacles and make progress. (Isn’t that true for most of our endeavors?)

The Legacy of Writing a Book

As an author myself, one of my favorite unexpected perks of writing a book was the long-lasting impact of it, not only in terms of business success but also as a personal legacy.

Personally, I love that my daughters can read my book in 10, 15, or 20 years from now and hear exactly what I thought about motherhood while I was “in the thick of it.” 

It’s Time to Take Action!

To help listeners take the first step towards writing a book, Chandler recommends creating a mind map to brainstorm ideas and topics. He says that you probably could outline an entire book right now, but you just don’t realize it! So why not give it a try?

To help you outline your first book, attend Chandler’s upcoming free class, “How to Launch Your Book to Bestseller Status in 3 Easy Steps”. In it, you’ll learn more about self-publishing, book launch strategies, as well as Chandler’s approach focused on simplifying the writing process.

Let’s turn your book-writing dreams into reality… Save your seat at http://selfpublishing.com/jenna now!

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