The Secret to Success as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

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September 24, 2018


Katie Sturino is the queen of doing it ALL, and in such a poised, professional way! You may know her as, her signature, the size 12(ish) New Yorker who believes great style can look chic at any size. Her platform the12ishstyle.com to inspire girls like her who are stuck in size purgatory – not quite “plus size”, not quite “straight-sized”. Not only that, she is also the founder and CEO of Megababe Beauty, a women’s comfort line that launched in June of 2017. AND if that wasn’t enough, she is the momma and social media guru behind the two insta-famous pups, Cheese and Muppet. Safe to say, she does it all– and she does it so well!

I wanted Katie to come on for those of us that are running one business, but have an idea for a second… and a third… and you get the idea! I know how many of us are multi-passionate boss babes, and I wanted to hear first-hand from someone that is managing multiple businesses so flawlessly! today Katie is going to teach us how to divide our time among projects, delegate resources, and balance our many passions! Speaking as a fellow multi-passionate girl boss, I think this episode is crazy valuable, and I learned SO much about making the most of all my passion projects! You ready to take your business (or businesses!) to the next level? Let’s dive on in!


Where do you start when you have a bunch of good ideas and you want to do them all? Let’s address this because starting is usually the hardest thing. 

The best advice I can offer is to start with one thing. For Katie, the beginnings were actually in her dog, Toast’s Instagram account, where she managed sponsorships, PR (yes, really!), network, social curation- you get the idea. Once she was solidified in this avenue, her own blog, the12ishstyle was feasible to start because she had already ‘mastered” her original job, and was ready to add more to her plate. It’s best to be known as ONE thing and an expert in one area and gain trust through serving and then as you get it down, systemized, and provide results, then you can start to expand. Expand, rinse and repeat.


With time, Katie has grown her business into three separate businesses, so I was curious to ask about her workflow. I loved how she said that she takes it day-by-day based on priorities. Priorities is a huge word in managing your interests, Goal Diggers. You simply CANNOT do it all, so that means day-to-day looking at your mile-long task list and looking at what really needs to get done.

You also need to embrace different “seasons”. What do Katie and I mean by this? During some days, weeks, or months your focus will be on one specific facet of your business and the other avenues will have to take the back burner. We spoke to how preparing for a launch, new product, a new idea takes time-intensive focus, and you have to be okay with pressing pause on other projects every once in a while.


Let’s preface this whole thing with the fact that we are ALL multi-passionate. Being a human being means pursuing many things we love and that’s the beauty of it, but when it comes to being an entrepreneur, it’s important to know how this can play a role in your ability to succeed and how to juggle all the things that can pull at your attention. So if you ask me, being multi-passionate is a HUGE blessing, but it can turn into a curse if you don’t focus, prioritize, and take it one thing at a time.

Speaking as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I have my hands in photography, podcasting, online sales, education, leading a mastermind, body positive advocacy, writing– you name it. But the reason I was able to successfully pursue ALL of these things is that of I slowly, but surely added one at a time. With each new “venture” I ensured that I had concrete systems, plans, and delegation in each area before I started the next. Katie and I chatted about how one of the BEST things about being multi-passionate and having a multifaceted business means that if one branch of my business isn’t performing well or I need a break from it, my business won’t fail. I am not tied to just one piece of my business but have many angles contributing, taking the pressure off of focusing on ONE thing.|

I loved hearing Katie’s take on this as well because all of her businesses are unique where she carved a niche for herself. There isn’t a ton of overlap between her businesses which requires extra diligence and organization. In this episode there is SO MUCH MORE that I couldn’t fit into this shownotes. Tune in to hear how Katie started a product-based business, the ONE thing she wished she would’ve known before starting a product-based biz, what it’s really like hiring family, and her one biggest piece of advice to someone looking to start a business (it wasn’t what I expected!)

Goal Diggers, this episode is jam-packed with multi-passionate action steps that you can implement today. I am so thankful to have Katie on the show– because I got to learn from her, as well! And now you do too!

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  1. This podcast spoke to exactly what I am working through on my new product, Aqua Weed Stick! We created a new category and was great to hear how Katie works thorough it! Thank you Jenna for the great podcast!


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