What No One Tells You About Being a Mom and Running a Biz

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August 20, 2018


Okay, Goal Diggers, this episode is a GAME CHANGER for any ambitious lady out there that wants both career success and a family. Today, we are having a beautiful business boss and mother on the show to tell us about how she balances both the role of “mom” and “CEO”.

Audrey Roloff is a fiery redhead from Portland, Oregon. Audrey shares life, faith, and motherhood on her blog aujpoj.com. She is passionate about motivating women to always believe in the more that is within them, and she spreads this mission through her devotionals and clothing line. She is also the co-founder of Beating50Percent.com, a marriage ministry, with her husband Jeremy. Audrey married Jeremy Roloff co-star of Little People Big World, and their wedding was nationally televised – reaching over 2 million viewers. Since then, they have shared their lives with us on the tv show, along with social media, and through their writings.

She recently welcomed a new little babe, Ember, into her story and today she is going to teach us that motherhood and business are NOT mutually exclusive! In this episode, you will learn how to know when the time’s “right” for bringing family into the world, the secret to balancing motherhood and CEO titles, how to prepare for a baby on the way, and how YOU can give yourself grace in the juggle of momma and girl boss! If you are a momma, dreaming of becoming a momma, or just ready to hear one heck of a story, you can’t miss this!


One thing you will quickly come to love about Audrey is how authentic she is. She is fully honest 100% of the time, and I especially loved how she honestly shared how much she struggled to balance baby and business during pregnancy and after. Her pregnancy with Ember was a surprise, and she mentioned that she felt that she was more “staying afloat” than “planning ahead”, and when Ember was born, she felt completely torn between business and baby.

As entrepreneurs, in many ways, we treat our businesses as “our babies”. We come up with the ideas, invest in them, and capitalize on them so it can be difficult to divide your time between work versus family at first. Audrey mentioned that when she was working she was thinking about Ember, and when she was with Ember, her to-do list loomed in her head. While this may sound intimidating, I was so thankful that she painted such a vivid and truthful picture of what CEO and motherhood look like in those first few months after birth.


Audrey was the first to say that she did not prepare as much as she wished for when Ember arrived, from a business standpoint. I loved how open she was, but man, did it hit me when she said “prepare to have HALF of the hours in the day that you do now”. I mean, whoa! Reality check!

But how amazing that she was so open about this process? When asked what she would do differently, she first mentioned hiring, hiring, hiring! She said it was hard to feel like she was needed both by her business and by her baby, and she desperately wished she would have hired someone so she could’ve been more present during the fragile first months of childbirth. And while hiring does sound dreamy, we understand it is not a reality for everyone, but here are some ideas of “cheaper” things you can outsource to save you time: a weekly meal delivery service, a cleaning lady, a nanny, whatever you can afford to take off your plate, do it!

Another thing that Audrey mentioned multiple times was automating and creating systems around repeatable tasks. Goal Diggers, I am telling you, if you are not constantly creating organized methods in your business, it will build upon you! Take this as your “sign”: it’s TIME to start creating systems now!


And Audrey’s biggest tips for new mommas who are balancing #allthethings: give yourself some grace! Audrey said she needed to give herself grace with her healing after birth, her attachment to her business, the learning curve of being a new mother– whatever it is, we absolutely must forgive ourselves and allow ourselves peace in this transition.

While it may seem easy to say to give yourself grace, but how do you actually do it? It all comes down to small decisions and changes in mindset: be okay with accepting help from others, prioritize self-care in your day (even if it’s only 5 minutes!), be okay with “good enough”, allow yourself peace and grace in this transition, and enjoy every stage. Even when it feels really, really hard.

There you have it… balancing both your motherhood and entrepreneurial roles. It’s no secret that these two roles can get chaotic, but there IS a way to do both, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk with than Audrey. It’s safe to say this woman capitalized and evolved both of these roles and intertwined both her motherly side and business side into a really beautiful partnership., and I am so excited for you to learn how to transition with your career when you have children.



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  1. Amber Balkom says:

    This is my first time listening to one of your Podcasts Jenna, and I’m already obsessed! As a new mom to a 8 month old baby girl, AND a entrepreneur, (I’m a Realtor) I totally related to everything Audrey said! Amen to her warning “expect to have half the amount of time you currently have”

    I’m currently in a season of not being anywhere near as motivated to grow my business now that I’m a momma. My energy has shifted to her completely, and that’s scary to admit as an entrepreneur!

    Looking forward to listening to more podcasts!

  2. Hey Jenna (and team!)
    I just recently listened to this podcast, and wanted to look a bit deeper into the sponsor (Shipstation).. But when I clicked through your link, the link didn’t work 🙁
    Any other place I can find the link… I wanted to go through you because I’m sure it’s affiliated with your post!!

  3. I’ve always been hesitant about listening to podcasts because I usually start zoning out the words spoken and it becomes white noise. Another business person mentioned Jenna’s podcast and I reluctantly gave it a try. I’m hooked. The guests she interviews and her personal expertise has made this one of the best Podcasts out there.


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