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An Honest Digital Course Academy Review from REAL Students

Jenna Kutcher 

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Digital Course Academy Student Review

You know that feeling when you get a box full of new skincare goodies in the mail that you can’t WAIT to rip open and start trying? The feeling I have right now is even better than that… It’s PURE excitement pumping through my veins, over here! Today, I want to talk about my mentor-turned-business-bestie Amy Porterfield’s course called the Digital Course Academy and walk you through 5 students’ experiences in taking it last year.

Let’s be real… I love and adore Amy and everything she does. Before we were friends, I turned to her for everything in the realm of online education and marketing practices that truly work. So, I figured I maaayyy be a little biased in MY personal review of this course (though, rightfully so—her knack for marketing has literally upended my business in the best way over the past few years).

Instead, I’m handing the mic (er, rather, the keyboard) over to a few students who took the course last year, and I’ve watched their lives and businesses transform because of it.

But first: What is Digital Course Academy?

Before we jump into review-central, let me share a little about the course itself. The Digital Course Academy, or DCA,  is a complete guide that takes you through how to conceptualize, build, launch, and sell your own digital course. It will show you how to uncover your expertise and individual experiences and package those up into something teachable (and sellable).

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Huh, maybe I could create a course around that…” or, “Could I teach X to others?” then, friend, this course is about to rock your world.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside the DCA course materials:

  • How to nail down your course topic and extract the knowledge and know-how you already have within you.
  • How to validate your course topic and be sure there’s a ready & excited audience primed to buy your offer.
  • How to record and publish your course content (even if the tech part scares the bejeezus out of you)!
  • How to create a high-converting webinar as a free way to educate your audience and prime them for your paid offer.
  • How to leverage social media and email (even if you don’t have a massive following or email list) and get folks ready and interested in what you have to offer.
  • How to build a super attractive sales page for your course and a simple but effective email sales funnel that converts interested followers into buyers.
  • How to turn your course evergreen (aka, people can buy it anytime… and you can make moolah anytime).

It’s pretty dang awesome, and as someone who has personally invested in Amy’s courses many times over, I’ve seen her materials work in MY own business as well as so many others. If you’ve ever felt tugged to create a course, have a BIG idea you’re wishing you could share with the world, or even if you’re not totally sure course creation is right for you… I’d urge you to look into how DCA could streamline this process that (TBH) so many people end up complicating or putting off.

DCA reviews from 5 real students

Like I said, I could go on (and on, and on) about Amy and this course (#obsessed??), but let’s let some students from last year share what they got from it instead!

Connecting Artists with Opportunities

01. Margo Tantau of Tantau Studio connects artists with opportunities and counsels creatives on how to get a seat at the table. Here’s what she has to say about DCA:

“Amy’s bright you-can-do-it approach and easily digested course creation lessons really helped me tackle course creating in a way that felt like I was finally talking to my ideal client. She helped me find a path through my confusion and come out the other side with a plan that felt exactly right. Something that I knew would help impact my niche.

I implemented my first course offerings in 2020, and 2021 is planned to have several more. I know it’s shaping up to be a year that I couldn’t have imagined without Amy’s DCA, her live Q & A’s, and Jenna’s helpful bonuses.”

Helping others Monetize Passions

02. Catalina Desormeaux of La Brandista helps female entrepreneurs gain more exposure in social media and monetize their passion through working on their personal brand. Take a look at her experience!

“DCA gave me all the plans for me to stop doing 1:1 coaching to 1 to dozens. After I launched my very first course – without DCA – I felt blah. Like I needed a clear roadmap to attract the right audience, to differentiate myself from others, and to create a solid course that I can sell through the years. Now I have several courses and a membership site, and everything started because I believed in myself and I have a great coach.

It gives you the exact roadmap to create and launch an amazing course, and not just one but all the ones you’d like because you can come back again and again and use the framework all the time.”

Creating Safe Spaces for Women

03. Tara Bixby of courageously.u creates a safe space for women where everyday struggles are normalized with the hope that no women struggle alone in silence. Here’s what she got from DCA:

“There are no words to appropriately articulate how amazing DCA is. Literally everything you would ever need to create a course, and then some, can be found in DCA. Amy left no stone unturned, and the quality is off the charts. My education is in human behavior, not business, and yet here I am.

I get really emotional when I think of what DCA has done for me. DCA inspired me to take confident action and evoked confidence I never knew I had. Before being introduced to Jenna and Amy, I didn’t even know courses were a thing. I thought the only way to help people was trading time for money and that future felt bleak. Now I dream dreams wilder than I had ever dreamed, and the best part is, I actually believe in my core that I will attain them. That was confidence that never existed pre-DCA.”

Peer-to-Peer Business:

04. Roberta West runs an online launch and brand management business where she’s specifically been helping vendors in the wedding industry launch workshops amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Here are her thoughts on taking DCA!

“DCA taught me everything I know about creating and selling courses and it gave me the confidence to pivot and start helping people quickly when COVID hit. I don’t think I could have launched a brand new product in a few months without the training and support I got in DCA.

DCA is the most comprehensive course I ever purchased. Having a step-by-step plan that fits your own pace is the best feature and Amy is THE EXPERT in courses so you get her undivided support and knowledge to create your digital course.”

Service-Based Business:

05. Tara Giles of Tara Giles Photography began as a photographer and became a photography business coach who helps struggling photogs become profitable business owners. She said this about DCA:

“It helped me to feel confident that it was ok to pivot my business when I needed to stop doing photography, because I know how to create and market online courses, thanks to DCA. Going through DCA helped me to realize that the process I used to take people from the photography inquiry stage, all the way through to a raving fan, is actually my signature framework. I didn’t realize that until I used the methods that Amy teaches to help flush out my course structure. And now I have a highly marketable signature framework that is unique to me and my business, and what I teach to my students.

Amy felt relatable and broke down the information into steps that made it easy to understand and implement along the way. There is a LOT of incredible information packed into this course. But because Amy released one module per week, and took the time to have group calls in between each one to answer questions and further discuss the material, I feel it helped me to take action, implement what I learned along the way, and complete the full course.”

What I love about Digital Course Academy

Amy changed my life with her course all the way back in 2015… I had all the skills and know-how to be successful, but what I was missing was the step-by-step blueprint to put all of the pieces together. It would be easy to think that you could figure it all out yourself, but why the heck would you do that when someone who has gone before you and experienced MAJOR success has laid out the step-by-step process for you?

As human beings, we tend to overcomplicate things, but not Amy! Amy approaches difficult topics like course creation, webinars, and launching with easy-to-digest processes that help you find success quicker (and with less frustration!).

The blueprint is waiting for you, all you need to do is honor your genius and follow Amy’s fool-proof plan! Amy’s education has been a beacon for me as I’ve pivoted and navigated the world as an online entrepreneur, I can’t recommend her system enough.

DCA’s doors open on September 9th through the 17th, so you have 8 days to hop on this opportunity! I’m also walking and leading students through the course this year (truly CANNOT wait!), and I’m offering a handful of snazzy extras if you choose to sign up with me, including:

My 2020 DCA Bonus Experience

  • DCA Cliff Notes: We’re creating an even more simplified version of the course for those of you who want to take and apply the materials, FAST.
  • A Workbook Template: Workbooks help your course students get through the materials tangibly, so my team has created a workbook template in Canva that I will show you how to easily customize and use for your webinars and courses.
  • Email List Accelerator: This helps people turbocharge your email list through: quizzes, social media, new opt ins, and a welcome sequence that converts.
  • Insta-Essentials: If you’re not sure how to show up on IG this year, you’re not alone. This is my blueprint for promoting yourself & your biz, and also connecting and engaging fluidly with your followers.
  • Evergreen Model: We’re giving you the copy you need to have a successful evergreen course so you don’t have to sweat live launches every time.

So. many. goodies. All we need is YOUR energy and excitement to make this happen… The rest is laid out easier than a roadmap! If you’ve been thinking about a course or waiting for your sign to start sharing what you know with the world… THIS is it. If you haven’t saved a seat in one of Amy’s LIVE training’s on How to Create and Launch a Profitable Digital Course from Scratch, you still can! I have a feeling you’ll be just as jazzed with your results as the gals above. 🙂

Don’t miss your chance to sign up for DCA!

Learn how to teach what you know inside DCA (and get my free bonus toolkit!) Sign up before doors close Sept. 17.

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