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April 12, 2016



Hey you,

I know you’ve been scrolling for awhile now and you’re probably seeing all of these wonderful things going on in everyone else’s lives (or you’re just bombarded with funny dog videos or political rants…) Regardless of what your scroll looks like, I am glad you stopped here. I believe from my heart of hearts that you landed here on this post for a reason. Today I want to tell you a few things that have been on my heart and are written specifically to you (yes, you.)

You are doing just fine. Whether you’re in a power suit and high heels or you’re in yesterday’s yoga pants that never made it to yoga, regardless of the fact that your home might look straight out of Pinterest or it could make an episode of Hoarders, or if you’re hair is 90% dry shampoo and curled to perfection, if your dogs or kids are at your feet begging for attention or your breakfast came in the form of liquid caffeine: you are doing just fine.

Lately I’ve been thinking about this world and the media and all that we consume day in and day out and to be frank, it’s all just a screaming match. We’ve been taught to share our most precious memories, we’ve been told we should brag about all the good in our lives, we are being bombarded by the lives of others (and we are not actively, presently living our own.) We are constantly being told how to look, act, decorate our homes, what the wear, how to cook perfect meals, look perfect, raise perfect kids, and run perfect businesses – I don’t know about you but when I look around, perfect is the last word that comes to mind. In fact, chaos or mess might be a bit better.

I don’t need to tell you how I just showered for the first time in days or that I’m boycotting bras at home, I don’t need to prove that cellulite and leg hair are real, or that my eyebrows haven’t seen a tweezer in ages, you don’t need to see my zits or wrinkles to know they are real, what I need to tell you is this: you are doing just fine, embrace the beautiful mess you are.

Today I don’t want you to look at everything else while your thumb silently scrolls, I don’t want you to compare yourself to the flashes of lives that are hitting your eyes, I can’t let you keep comparing their highlight reels to your reality, I want you to look within, because something tells me that where you are at is pretty amazing, even if it isn’t perfect or beautiful or Instagram worthy. Am I right?

I look around and I see a mess, but beyond the mess I see things I had once prayed for: a beautiful home, a loving husband, health, two crazy dogs (didn’t pray for the crazy, but it was a packaged deal!) family that loves us, a community that supports us, a Savior who died for us and a career that I love. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful and wherever you are at today, I am fairly certain you are surrounded by some things that are worth celebrating. Start chilling the champagne darling, for real.

So today I want you to feel this (and really feel it!) You are beautiful, capable, valued, talented, and you are enough (it’s crazy how enough you are!) So stop the scrolling, lift those beautiful eyes of yours and look around you – you are living this life and I pray it’s to the fullest, but today I am cheering you on and celebrating wherever you are in this very moment.

All my love,



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