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We Rise in Lifting Others

Jenna Kutcher 

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Why in life do we compete with one another? Why are we constantly measuring our success and worth again other people? Why do we set our dreams based off someone else’s and count our failures dependent on other human beings? The older I get, the more I want to do my own dang thing. 2015 has been my year, I’ve said it from the start and part of my mantra is in repeating this phrase, “We rise in lifting others.” These last few weeks have been absolutely insane. Less than a month ago I said the words “I want to teach out loud” and since proclaiming that, I have spent just about every awake minute drafting curriculum, recording podcasts, creating work sheets, leading a focus group, and doing one-on-one strategy phone calls with other creative entrepreneurs. Why in heavens name am I spending every minute of my “off” season being anything but “off?” Because I have never believed in anything more. Truly, this has been on my heart for far too long and yet I never had the courage to say the words, let alone start the action. Guys, we rise in lifting others. I believe this at my core and while I work in a crazy competitive industry, all I want to do is elevate it and help others be successful chasing the dreams they have been dreaming.

Putting this course together has been such a process for me. It’s been a time to document the process of leaving my corporate job almost four years ago, it’s been a way of reliving the good, bad, and ugly of owning a business, it’s been a stretch in testing my time, organization, and systems to keep business as usual while building a curriculum for a six week course simultaneously. It’s hopping in a time machine and remembering each step of the then that has led to each pace of the now. It’s been wild to say the least and I have to shout out to my wonderful husband who has been cooking dinner every night and picking up my slack while I feverishly get things done! You know when you have something you are so excited about, you believe in, and you just want to get it off the ground? It’s all you can think about and this is my course for me. It has taught me the truth about supporting others and how we shouldn’t compete, we shouldn’t pit ourselves up against one another, that together we truly are better. 

Others successes are not my failures, I don’t know it all, but I am wired in a way that makes me think about business differently. That paired with my education focused on marketing and public relations has created a storm that has led me from there to here in a matter of years. I want to see my friends succeed, I want people to be confident in their endeavors, I want others to be profitable doing what they love. You guys, life is too short to be punching a time clock for a job you hate, time waits for no one. It’s time to start putting one foot in front of the other and start chasing the dreams you’ve been too afraid to admit. I am happy to be working on this because I have never believed in anything more. I believe in using tools to elevate your life, your business, and the industry as a whole and I can’t wait to officially launch the course in a matter of weeks. I hope you are all excited, pumped up, and ready to work because big things are going to happen. We are making it happen!

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