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August 11, 2021


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Sometimes a new marketing approach might be just what you need, working in tandem with the basics to really amplify your reach and take your marketing efforts to the next level. 

So today, I want to share with you four of my all-time favorite uncommon marketing tactics that truly do work, especially alongside the classics. These aren’t our typical email list or social media tips and tricks, and while we absolutely value and love and need those pieces, these approaches can work side by side with the basics to make those conversions, the engagement, and the growth even more impactful. Alright, let’s dive in.

Online Quizzes

I created my signature quiz, the “What’s Your Secret Sauce” quiz a few years ago and it’s one of my favorite ways to not only generate new leads and add to my email list but to serve people and connect them with the content they need the most just by answering a few questions.

The benefit for me is that I can capture new and interested folks’ email addresses, so I can start serving them and chattin’ ‘em up in their inboxes and building our relationship in a space that’s less intense and more intimate than social media. The benefit for them is that they can take a quick, fun, and engaging quiz that lets them know what sets them apart, that connects them to the top free content I have based on their specific result with a simple click, and gives them tangible tips inside their results to build a more impactful business using their unique gifts.

When it comes to online quizzes, the aim is to keep it fun, informative, and straightforward. Deliver value in the results and make sure you’re serving from the very beginning.

When first creating a quiz, it helps to start with the results and build your quiz questions from there. I recommend having three to four different results that reflect three to four results based off of the customers or clients you serve. 

It doesn’t have to be long (I’d say max 10 questions) people usually prefer for these types of interactive quizzes to only take a minute or two. When you write the results, make sure you give a little insight into what each result means for a person and then include a call to action for what they can do next, whether it’s buying that cake from you for their next occasion, getting your best recipe, maybe it’s reaching out for a consult call if you’re a coach or a service provider or it could be following you on social media for more advice on a certain topic you cover.

There are so many fun and creative directions you can take quizzes, and it’s one of the best ways out there to grow your email list. There are tons and tons of platforms available to host your quiz, but two that I know of and recommend are Interact and Typeform. 


Anytime we have a launch or a buzzworthy announcement, we create new pop-ups that point to that invitation or promotion! The elements that we always, always include are: a captivating image or graphic, a short and punchy headline, a brief but descriptive paragraph to explain the value of the thing, and a button to learn more that uses a strong action word to encourage people to click on it, which takes them to another landing page, sales page, or optin form.

On top of pointing to additional content, invitations, or promotions, another great way to use pop-ups is to offer a discount for people to opt in and I’ve seen this be really effective for product-based businesses especially. Think of how many times you opt in when you get a pop up for free shipping or a discount on your first purchase, why would you not? 

While pop ups can be highly effective, they do require a bit of strategy and maintenance. What you want to AVOID is a pop-up that says something generic like “join our list” or “sign up for our newsletter” with a basic optin form, because there’s really no incentive with that for people to sign up. Even if you have the coolest, greatest newsletter in the world, no one will know with that kind of pop-up. 

Keep it targeted, on brand, fit it to both desktop and mobile, make it valuable for your visitor, and aim to include some sort of urgency or excitement that makes people WANT to click or give over their email address.


There are a ton of ways you can incorporate meaningful engagement into your content schedule, and what I mean by “meaningful engagement” I’m talking about getting in your DMs or email inbox or your blog comments and responding with genuine care to the feedback and questions from your target audience. 

Respond to every message and comment people leave on your social posts, and make it more personal and engaging than a mere emoji or a one-word response. Sure, this will take some time, but I find that if I set aside just 10 to 30 minutes of concentrated time a day to only respond to DMs and comments, I can respond with more attentiveness and authenticity than if I try to do it on the fly between other tasks. And I can get through a lot more messages than when I try to do it while multitasking.

You’re creating for others, right? So why not respond to the people you serve! They are who you’re busy creating for, after all. I know it seems like maybe a lot of work or not entirely worth it, but think about it. This one piece can shift people from passive followers to raving fans, it totally shifts the dynamic of the relationship and helps your community feel valued — which they are.

How good does it feel when you ask a question or respond to someone on social media who you don’t know other than on social media, and they actually take the time to respond? And how much of a difference does it make when you can tell it’s a well-thought-out and truly interested response, rather than some canned response or a bunch of emojis? 

More than that, it’s a way to expand your own world and network, and invite more opportunities to interact with your audience in the future. This kind of encouragement goes a long way, and as a sneaky side benefit, it shows the algorithm that you spend regular time engaging, which justs might give your profile a bit of a boost.

Unique CTAs

If you don’t know what a call to action is, it’s simply language that you use to invite people to do something — you’re literally telling them what they next step is so they don’t have to guess on their own. 

On my website, we have two ways to expedite this process, the first being a screamer banner at the top of the page that usually points to our latest launch or new offer that we want to share with visitors. It’s also called a hero banner, but essentially it’s just a small banner section at the very top of the website with copy that calls out a feature or offer that we want people to see right away, and it always includes a call to action for visitors to be able to click over to wherever more details live ASAP if they so desire. 

The other way we keep visitors on the site and help them find something they need is with our blog footers. In each and every blog post we publish, at the bottom of the post we always include two lines of copy with a little bit of information about a product or resource related to the topic of that specific blog post, plus a strong call to action with a hyperlink leading to said product or resource.

Including thoughtful directions of where to go next, leaving no dead ends, is any easy way to increase the results driven from your website and to truly lead your viewers through an experience that will make them want to come back again. 

The Big Picture

With fun a fun quiz, direct copy, and strong calls to action, plus some genuine interactions with those who WANT to interact with you, you’ll be able to extend your reach and impact more people without a ton of extra work. 

These four marketing strategies aren’t the norm that you’ll see everyone everywhere doing, but they’re some of the biggest needle movers when it comes to our website traffic and email list growth, which absolutely counts for something. Remember to incorporate these ideas into your current marketing strategy and lean on the basics to guide you as you experiment a little bit!

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