Trent + Stacy – San Francisco Destination Wedding

November 26, 2014


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Stacy and Trent threw traditions out the door and opted for a laid back celebration in the California sunshine! We spent the morning hitting a few of San Francisco’s beautiful spots from the beach to Fort Point and ended our session at the park where they wed. Stacy’s dad walked her down the aisle and her mother officiated the perfect, short and sweet ceremony as their guests stood under the shade of a eucalyptus tree. Stacy’s dad and father-in-law were the ring bearers and they shared their own handwritten vows! After the ceremony guests headed down to the park to enjoy a feast of food, good conversation, and perfect California weather! As the sun set these two shared their first dance and ended the most perfect wedding day ever. I am so honored to close my season with two amazing friends and celebrate with them as they start off their life as husband and wife! Special thanks to Chloe for her help shooting this amazing day, a few of her images are mixed into this post!

If you happen to be getting married in another state or country, please reach out! I love to mix my love for wedding photography with travel, this post is proof of that notion and I will still be taking on 1-2 more destination weddings for 2015!  Email: for info.

To see more from their day, hit play on their slideshow above! Leave these two some love, if they get 25 comments on this blog post, they will receive a complimentary 8×10″ print of their fave wedding day image! 

VENDORS: Dress: bhldn for Anthropologie // Shoes: Nine West // Headband: Anthropologie // Officiant: Sonya Theis // Second Shooter: Chloe Ann 

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  1. Anita Hsieh says:

    These photos are beautiful! Perfectly captured the essence of a laid back couple and a laid back wedding in SF! Congrats Trent and Stacy!!

  2. Whittney says:

    So lovely!! Congratulations!

  3. Megan Zechel says:

    Love, love, love! The pictures turned out beautiful Jenna Leigh Kutcher. Congratulations to the both of you, we love you!

  4. Jill Alwin Simmons says:

    How gorgeous! It was like watching a fairy tale. So much LOVE….

  5. Patti Alwin says:

    Congratulations to all of you, beautiful couple and wonderful pictures!

  6. Alexandra Simmons says:

    Congrats Trent and Stace…beautiful wedding!!

  7. Sarah says:

    Yes!! This is the first real wedding I’ve seen with someone wearing my dress! I’m so pumped now! And I was planning on adding buttons to the back too! Ridiculously excited to see that touch!



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