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The BIG Move: #kutchercraftsman

Jenna Kutcher 

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Well guys, it’s time to spill the beans on the blog! I’ve been slowing leaking the fact that we are officially moving, partially because I don’t want to jinx it, partially because it still doesn’t feel totally real. To be honest, this all kind of came out of the blue (thanks God!) We’ve been in our current house for two and a half years and truth be told, there is so much we love about it! The vaulted ceilings, the new finishes, the giant closets, and the ample storage. Beyond the home itself, we are pretty obsessed with our neighborhood and the spontaneous block parties that seem to happen frequently when the temps are higher! Deep down, it’s never felt like my forever home. Something about it never had me imagining a family there and as a girl who loves charm, I was constantly dreaming of ways that we could make it feel more cozy, lived in, and charming. There are so many benefits to owning a new home but charm isn’t always one of them.

We had thought about buying land and building, that was on our minds for awhile but one night I was casually browsing and saw this house that I fell in love with. I yelled to Drew to come in the room and look and a few days later we were inside of it. To me, it’s the perfect marriage of our styles! It’s over 100 years old, a historic craftsman nestled on a lot on the river! We could have a boat, have lake access, and a private yard. The home itself used to be referred to fondly as the “dream dump” because it had all the charm in the world but needed a ton of work! It was basically gutted to the studs and redone (minus my favorite things: the built ins, the original hardwood floors, the French doors, and the original stairwell!) From new electric to plumbing, a new kitchen to three new bathrooms, and the kicker: a finished attic space! Drew loves new, so he gets all of the new luxuries like granite, stainless steel alliances, USB outlets and more while I get to bask in the fact that it has a sun room, a gorgeous original buffet, and glass doorknobs.

The best part about our new home is it’s in the town where our friends are. I’m about to keep it really real, but I have a tendency to become a major homebody. I don’t know if it’s anxiety or my love for work or just being in my own space but it takes a lot to get me dressed and out of the house. Everyday for the last two and half years I’ve drove 25 minutes each way to CrossFit and that’s where we met most of our friends. Any given day I’ll be driving back and fourth to Fort Atkinson at least once (if not twice!) It’s a beautiful town, has a grocery store (major perk) and our favorite people live there! I am super excited to meet up for spontaneous girls nights, save 40 minutes in drive time a day, and to have a coffee shop in walking distance! So yes, big things are happening for us! I’ve been on the furniture hunt like crazy (with my girl Stacy who’s helping us design!) and am just so excited to get in and settled in time for the holidays! Say a prayer that everything continues to unfold smoothly, I can’t wait to share more photos of the space but until then, enjoy the view of our historic craftsman, the next place we will call home!

To see more peeks of the home, visit Instagram: #kutchercraftsman 



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  1. Leslie says:

    Oh my gosh! Haha! So, I just ran across your site the other day when your ’10 things you didn’t know about working for yourself’ post blew up… (My bf is currently learning all too quickly about my inability to keep my mouth shut when he works from my place…”…but you don’t understand! I don’t have anyone to talk to anymore!!!”) And then today, you post THIS! I’ve been keeping hush hush until it’s *real* too, but yesterday we got the go ahead, with the appraisal and inspection finished, we’re just waiting on closing…. but it’s the same deal over here! Me wanting old charm, big ceilings, original woodwork…him wanting techno say everything and not having to do the work of an old home…this went on the market 2 months after we met. I walked in, and my first thought was “I want babies here.” Never have I had that thought in my life! So, we may not know each other, but I love knowing I’m not the only one 😉

    If this posts… here’s the house 😉

  2. Kelsey Ann Yoki says:

    This is so exciting and I cannot wait to (hopefully!) see a tour of the inside in the future. Sounds exactly like Matt & I’s style – and what we hope to find when we purchase a house in the future. Makes me think of Fixer Upper. Love Chip & Joanna Gaines.

  3. Karen Goodman says:

    gorgeous home! I can’t wait to see more!


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