The 9 Best Purchases I’ve Made in 2020

Jenna Kutcher 

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August 28, 2020


Does anyone else secretly love reading through other people’s shopping lists?! Like give me someone’s grocery list or new baby must-haves or favorite skincare roundups… I want it all. There’s something so fascinating and intriguing about hearing what other people want or need or love to use. And it always gives me ideas for new things to try, whether I’m in a recipe rut or torn between two pairs of new running shoes.

So today, I’m coming atchya with a little list of my own: the nine BEST purchases I’ve made so far this year. Because 2020 has been a lot of things… But lighthearted? That wouldn’t be at the top of my list of descriptors. It’s been plain heavy and hard a lot of the time, and it’s also been a year of tremendous growth in so many ways. But I feel like we could all make space for a little more joy this year, too. What do you say?

And one of the simplest ways to infuse some more joy is in adding things to your life that make it simpler, happier, or more streamlined. (Or is that just the Enneagram 3 in me!?) I mean, they do call it “retail therapy” for a reason… Look, I’m not saying shopping solves all problems, but selectively adding these key products and tools to our life has totally brought about more smiles this year, I must say!

Here are my top nine best purchases from 2020!

01. Burley Bike Trailer, $300

We use this every single day! It also doubles as a jogging stroller, so we can bike or run or hike and walk around with Coco. She loves the ride, and we love bringing her with us so easily! We actually got the double one so that if we add to our family, we can use it for years. Totally worth the investment, if you ask us.

02. Cozy Jogger Set, top $38 + bottoms $50

I have been LIV-ING in this soft and cozy sweatsuit set. Don’t “sweatsuits” just make you think of ’80s full-body windbreaker attire? I promise, this is NOT that! It’s super-soft material that’s perfect for lounging, working from home, or snuggling up for a nap. And it comes in so many colors! Could this be 2020’s new uniform?

03. The Best Personalized Mug, $30

You aren’t living until you have a mug with your kid’s (or pet’s!) face blown up on it. I am truly obsessed with this thing and drink my coffee out of it (with Coco’s bright, smiling face shining up at me!) every day. It’s the perfect gift for birthdays or new parents, or just because!

04. At-home Microdermabrasion Tool, $218

Okay, confession: I’ve had this for years, BUT I’ve been reminded of how good of a purchase it is since we’ve been home so much this year and I can’t get a facial. Being home and not having a skin pro work her magic on my face has made taking care of my skin and using this AMAZING tool once a week a nonnegotiable, and it’s helped a ton with keeping my skin clear and refreshed. Plus, it’s so easy to use and a fun treat once a week!

05. New Podcasting Mic, $100

This mic with a UMC sound mixer, $340, makes recording no matter where we are a higher quality and gives me the confidence to have good audio no matter what. It was an upgrade that I didn’t know I needed until we made it, and with so many people jumping on the podcasting scene, I know looking for quality equipment is a key component! I cannot recommend this mic + setup more.

06. Gua Sha Stone, $32

Are you on the Gua Sha train yet?! My fav skincare brand came out with this curvy little stone that you use for facial massage, and it’s a REAL treat. Not only does it aid in draining your lymphatic system and de-puffing any swelling in your face, but it also makes you feel like you’re getting a boujie facial, at home. I use it for a few minutes at the beginning and end of the day after applying my favorite serum.

(Save 10% on your purchase with code JK10!)

07. Coffeemaker + Milk Frother, $250

Coffee for president 2020. For real, though. This little setup has SAVED my mornings this year — you can make a fancy espresso or coffee drink in a minute with literally the press of a button. Most instant-brewing coffee machines make coffee that just tastes kinda… bleh. But this is gourmet, fresh, delicious coffee each and every time, and I love the milk frother that comes with it to make lattes and cappuccinos!

08. Natural Lightweight Skin Tint with SPF, $46

This is a newer natural makeup line to me and I have FALLEN IN LOVE with it. It’s hard to pick a favorite product (seriously, all of their stuff is so good), but this tinted skin serum is up there on my list. It’s light enough to wear every day (even if you’re just at home), but it gives some coverage to make you feel like you somewhat have your stuff together. Plus, it’s got SPF 40 in it so you can wear it in the sun and feel protected! Heck yes.

09. Hiking Baby Carrier Backpack, $330

This is like a hiking baby backpack, and it’s fabulous! Coco finally stopped liking the Ergo, which we used daily for the first 1.5 years. I think she just outgrew it, but now she goes on hikes with Dada and loves the roomier backpack! If your family loves the outdoors, this is such a great carrier to bring little ones on bigger treks.

Want more of our fave resources, products, books, and more?

Check out this page for all my go-tos for health, beauty, and professional goodies!

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