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My Favorite Multi-Purpose Products for Mama and Baby


Since becoming a mama to my sweet Conley Kate, I’m ALL about multi-purpose everything.  Entering motherhood is already a massive transition caring for a little human being (aka trying to keep her alive) – and let me tell you, she may be little, but this little one requires a lot of stuff to just get through the day. So the minimalist in me (or maybe its the “just plain exhausted and can’t be bothered to remember 10+ products for baby and for myself” me) has turned to multi-purpose products to help simplify my daily routine – and my diaper bag. I mean, because let’s be real, ain’t no mama got time for that.

Not only have these products been a game-changer for diaper changes, family trips and keeping our bathroom cabinet somewhat simplified, but they’re also safe for my sweet baby girl.  Especially since Conley is putting her hands into her mouth all the time, I think extra hard about the products I’m using on both my own skin and hers. So many baby products on the market today actually contain mineral oil or other petroleum-based ingredients that not only suffocate the skin but can carry toxic + carcinogenic contaminants into the skin. Which is why it’s SO important to me to use gentle, natural ways to support Conley’s delicate and absorbent skin.

Okay, mamas, here are my 4 favorite multi-purpose products for Coco and me:


This balm has so, so many benefits for babies and has become a staple for me as a new mom! The natural + nutrient-dense ingredients found in my favorite Baby Balm support healthy cells and are essential in strengthening skin – specifically in babies who are just starting to develop super fresh and oh-so fragile skin. For Conley, this healing balm helps to diminish diaper rash, soothe skin conditions like baby eczema and calm inflammation on infant skin. 

This soothing balm is a MUST for every mama’s diaper bag. It helps to protect and heal cracked nipples from nursing – making it a legit life-saver (and that is not an exaggeration!). It even doubles as a moisturizer and a deeply nourishing eye cream to combat tired, puffy eyes (#momlife).


This powder is a dream for keeping Conley’s cute little bottom and rolls dry and rash-free, plus it’s talc-free! You may have heard about the health risks associated with traditional baby powders that contain talc: often contaminated with asbestos (a seriously toxic mineral), talc’s health hazards are high and linked to numerous health issues. That’s one ingredient I definitely don’t want near my baby girl. But this non-toxic powder works to absorb moisture, prevent irritation, and soothe Coco’s skin with ingredients I can actually pronounce.

As a new mom, most days it’s a miracle if I get a shower in. But this Baby Powder doubles as dry shampoo (insert all the praise hands emojis here) so I can look semi-put together when I haven’t showered in days! I mean, really, this might just be the best multi-purpose product of all time.


I’m obsessed with this oil for my babe, but I’ve also been known to steal it for myself on the reg. With only 3 organic skin-loving oils (jojoba, apricot kernel, and sunflower) infused with the sweetest calendula flower, it’s my go-to for moisturizing Conley’s sensitive skin – plus, it looks so pretty sitting in her nursery. Especially with the intense Minnesota Winters, this has been a dream for delicate, dry skin. Post-bathtime this soothing oil hydrates and sinks deeply into baby’s skin and to wind down before bed it makes the perfect massage oil for Conley (or maybe Drew too, if he’s lucky). 

For mama, at the end of a long day it’s a gentle makeup remover for the delicate eye area, preps skin for a close shave (whenever you finally get around to shaving!), the perfect amount of all-over moisture without feeling greasy, and say goodbye to frizz + flyaways with as a light, hydrating hair oil. This Baby Oil literally does it all. I don’t know what I’d do without!


This gentle, non-drying goat milk baby bar safely and effectively cleanses baby’s sensitive skin while washing away the day, dirt or the inevitable diaper explosions (yup, you mamas know exactly what I’m talking about). While a lot of soaps out there can actually damage + strip the skin, this Baby Bar is made with shea butter and soothing herbs like calendula, chamomile and lavender to seriously soothe and moisturize during bathtime.

While ya’ll know my obsession with the Oil Cleansing Method, this Baby Bar doubles as a foaming face wash for any skin type. Goat milk is naturally rich in Vitamin A and lactic acid, so it helps to lightly refine and rejuvenate the skin. Exactly what this mama needs.


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by Jenna Kutcher 

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