How To Ditch Self-Doubt And Live Your Best Life With Melissa Ambrosini

May 21, 2018


It’s the most important relationship of all, yet it’s the one that most of us don’t even think about, let alone spend time and effort on improving it…Know what it is? Yep, you guessed it—our relationship with ourselves. Strengthening your sense of love and respect for yourself is the key to experiencing true fulfillment and living your best life.

Some people think that learning to love yourself is as simple as taking some bubble baths and getting an occasional mani-pedi. But as Our guest, Melissa Ambrosini, will show you today, it goes SO much deeper than that— Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide, host of the number one podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show, a speaker and self-love teacher.

Melissa teaches women how to unlock their full potential, master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs, and ditch the self-doubt so that they can start living the life of their dreams. Named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine her mission is to inspire women to create a heart-centered life one that’s wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love.


One of the first things Melissa talks about is getting rid of the word “perfect”. So many of us spin the hamster wheel, striving to be perfect. But, Goal Diggers, it’s truly impossible. We need to give up the idea that a “perfect” version of ourselves is out there. We will always have flaws, weaknesses, and things we are not proud of. Melissa reminded us to be vulnerable. Vulnerability creates connection! It empowers people to unlock their full potential and live their best life… Without vulnerability, we can’t admit where we struggle and where we need to improve. Self-growth is not a bad thing if you channel your energy for improvement, and not perfection. 


“Your intuition is more of a feeling… but it’s also a muscle that you have to strengthen.” Wow! Read that (and read it again!). Our intuition is there, but we must always strive to tune into it and pay attention to that inner voice. You know those ideas you can’t let go of? That one person you’ve been meaning to reach out to? Let go of the logic and follow your gut anyway. Melissa mentioned that her whole life and business is built off intuition. “If it’s not a ‘hell yeah’ it’s a “no thank you”. I loved this reminder that inside we all truly know what the “next step” is! This is a much-needed kick in the pants to drop the logic and remember that everything we need is already inside! 


Mmmm, I love this topic. Without self-care, everything else crumbles! It is so easy to empty ourselves and not fill ourselves back up. While self-care looks different for all of us, Melissa recommended making a self-care menu: essential oils, yoga, meditation, taking a walk, massage, whatever it may be, you must cater to yourself! Goal Diggers, you have to listen to this episode to hear the whole message about how to priotize yourself from A to Z.


This episode! I have been wanting Melissa on the show forever– the way she speaks is not only captivating, but motivating! While I am so glad you are reading this blog, I think you would maximize the benefit of this episode by listening to Melissa’s empowering words! Use this episode as a reminder that you need to trust yourself wholeheartedly while chasing your dreams. If you can’t “bet on yourself”, how can you expect others to? However, it is NOT always easy to feel confident, capable, whole…. But Goal Diggers, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. And today, we’re going to teach you how to harness confidence and live your best life!


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  1. Anna says:

    This episode was exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. Thank you both for opening up and talking about our inner mean girl! This truly helped me open my eyes to my inner voice. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Joann says:

    I love this podcast . I have learned so much . Thank you

  3. Abigail says:

    What an amazing episode!! Melissa is SUCH an inspiration (as are you, Jenna)!! Perfect way to start my Monday morning as I embrace my inner mean girl! 💞

  4. Robin says:

    Getting rid of the word Perfect! Thank you!

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