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February 28, 2020


How the Knowledge Broker Blueprint has Impacted Madison’s Business:

“Without the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, I would have believed the lie that I am too young to have value to add, to throw my first event, and that anyone would take me seriously. KBB has shown me that with the right tools and a community of support you can achieve even the most audacious of dreams.”

Biggest Hesitation to Sign up for KBB:

“My only hesitation was the price. I had just left my full-time job and seeing as though my husband wasn’t super settled into his career yet, it meant dipping into our savings and trusting that I would do everything it took to pay it back which meant success at some point with this was the only option.

Jenna has been someone who I have known to love and trust for around 3 years. She has always shared her absolute best tips and never held anything back when it came to how others can be successful as well.

When she started to share about it I was immediately intrigued. I messaged her and asked if this was worth taking a huge chunk out of our savings.

She asked what my overall goals were and I replied with the fact that I dreamed of hosting life-changing women’s conferences. She said yes. That’s all I needed.

The fact that she took the time to hear my goals to see if they were truly aligned meant the world to me. I felt seen and heard and that my dreams had a chance if someone who I looked up to so highly said, ‘This is the tool to get you there.'”

Madison’s Story:

Madison is a multi-passionate, dream-chasing, purpose-seeking warrior and all-around go-getter. She’s a speaker, writer, and community builder who holistically helps creative women entrepreneurs live with purpose, love their work, and make an impact.

She’s also content strategist and the host of The Fearless Chase podcast, where she shares inspiring stories, relatable content, and tangible tools to motivate and inspire women to step into who they were made to be. Her story starts with when she married her middle school sweetheart (yup, middle school!)

She knew that the first year of marriage was supposed to be hard.

But she didn’t know it would be for the reasons that came to be. Two months after getting married, she totaled her car, which ended up being a kinda huge deal for two 22-year-olds who barely had the deductible in savings.

A couple months after that, they found themselves in a 600-square-foot apartment saying their goodbyes as Madison’s father-in-law passed away from colon cancer. A few months after that, she and her husband were walking through waist deep water to leave their neighborhood as their home flooded in Hurricane Harvey.

While living with Madison’s parents during the repairs, they found out her mother-in-law had cancer… not even a year after losing her father-in-law. A few months following, she got a text saying that her parents were getting divorced. Heavy, heavy stuff, and meanwhile, Madison was at a job she knew wasn’t challenging to her potential and felt like her life was completely out of control.

She felt like if it wasn’t one thing, it was another going completely wrong.

And she found herself stuck in a “WHY ME” mentality. All the dreams she had for what her life would look like before getting married were buried under what felt like a never-ending series of horrific events.

But everything changed when she came across my dear gal pal and force to be reckoned with, Rachel Hollis. Rachel’s energy and the things she was going after were the things Madison had dreamt about before all the messes of life had interrupted her perfect plan.

She came across Rachel’s Facebook LIVE videos and binged them like they were her lifeline. Rachel reminded her that even though she couldn’t control what was happening around her, she still had control in how she would show up for her own life. In April of 2018, Madison went to Rise LA. She was given a free ticket by someone on Instagram who said, “If I can get you a ticket, can you get yourself there?”

They cleared their savings and booked the cheapest flight they could find.

Before Rise, Madison didn’t know that women’s conferences outside of church were even a thing. “When I was there I felt like a little kid at his first pro sports game who always wanted to be the one on the field,” she said.

She remembered the drawing in a journal she’d made the summer after graduating high school that had a stadium and different cities she dreamt of speaking in. But she never knew it could look like this. Madison left Rise and decided to quit school and start a podcast. “I know it doesn’t sound like the wisest decision but I’ve never regretted it,” she said.

She launched The Fearless Chase podcast in July of 2018 with the mission of fearlessly chasing her own dreams and reaching a hand to the side to help others do the same. She’s interviewed women (and a few men!) who have reached their own giant, audacious dreams and asked them to teach what they learned along the way.

In the process she’s interviewed several amazing leaders.

Dave Hollis, Mica May, and Susan Ramirez were among them. One of the most eye-opening interviews was with a girl named Micala Quinn who taught women how to start their own side-hustle as a virtual assistant. Madison had never even heard the term before, but after that episode she saw it as an opportunity to leave her job.

It was the lily pad she needed to get from where she was to where she really wanted to be. She picked up a few clients on the side and within three months had a full roster and was able to leave her full-time job. On February 1, 2019 she started her first day of being self-employed and tangibly helping women reach their goals!

Then in May of last year, she came across KBB.

At first, she didn’t think it was for her, and then she saw that I was completely and utterly obsessed. Madison and I chatted and she shared her individual goals of wanting to host her own incredible women’s conference, and I encouraged her that this was something that could really serve her, big time.

After taking the leap, she found it to be fully and completely worth it. Throughout the process of taking KBB, Madison not only achieved the giant goals she set out for, but she reached others along the way as well, including pivoting from being a virtual assistant to a content strategist.

In October of 2019, she threw The Confident Creative’s Workshop, an in-person women’s event for creatives and entrepreneurs. She had 7 speakers, around 25 attendees, a dream team of 20 people, 3 vendor booths, and amazing sponsors like Noonday and May Designs. Now, looking forward to this year she knows that truly anything is possible. “I can’t wait to go through the course again to refresh my knowledge and start prepping for The Fearless Conference 2020,” she said.

KBB helped her realize that big, huge, audacious dreams aren’t so far away.

And that she was the person keeping them at a distance, and as soon as she went after them with full-force, they were achievable.

“If the girl still working at her 9-5 job a year ago could see what she’s done in a year she wouldn’t believe it,” she said. “The KBB course taught me the freedom of learning from your first event and pivoting for the next. It taught me that above all serving your people well and helping them get results was THE most important thing.”

photo by Joelle Elizabeth Photography

Want to make the most of your year & finally achieve the dreams on your heart?

Learn more about KBB and join here!

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