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March 3, 2020


How the Knowledge Broker Blueprint has Impacted Sam’s Business:

“I don’t know how to explain it, but for the past 2 years we have been grasping at straws trying to figure out what our next step was with our business. We both knew that there was a shift going on, but we couldn’t pinpoint it. We worked on a few passion projects, changed up our services, but nothing felt right.

KBB brought us CLARITY in 2019. While we haven’t made huge moves just yet like some of the other students, we have been implementing what we can while still running our business. In November, we had a family emergency and closed up our calendar completely. We decided to keep it closed and decided that for 2020, it was GO TIME. We are putting 110% into pivoting and re-building our business into something that is going to carry us further than just another decade.”

Biggest Hesitation to Sign up for KBB:

“The cost. It was a huge investment. We decided to make the investment because we were excited to learn from the person that Jenna learns from (Dean), but when it came down to it, Jenna’s excitement and the pictures of possibility that she painted is what sold us. ”

Sam and Rachel’s Story:

Sam and Rachel’s roles in Northfolk is as partners. They work 50/50 with each other in a truly symbiotic way. They both started out in photography and switched over to graphic and web design about 10 years ago. Both are self-taught (and ultra-smart — they designed my KBB information page, so you know they’re good…)

They’ve been designing custom websites and templates for the past 8 years. The thing I love about their story is that they were formerly competitors, but they saw more promise in joining hands and that’s when they partnered together to start Northfolk about 6 years ago.

Moving from hands-on to passive projects.

Sam’s superpower and biggest gift is helping entrepreneurs build passive projects into their businesses, while Rachel listens to Sam’s ideas and turns them into reality. As two people who went from a very hands-on career in photography to another very involved line of work in graphic and website design, they’ve seen the effects and exhaustion of needing to trade hours for income.

And so they’ve been able to make significant shifts away from that sort of gear-grinding work as they work to create templates for their ideal customers to buy and use… without needing to spend a ton of time to create and upkeep custom projects week after week.

In fact, they are in the midst of launching their new and exclusive template collection! The templates are built on a completely different level than their previous templates, and they are designed specifically with fellow KBB students in mind.

Sam and Rachel took so much of what they learned in KBB to build out these templates specially for all the daydreamers and night thinkers out there (you know who you are!), and they have plans to launch a small workshop course in March and a larger signature course later on in 2020.

What success REALLY looks like.

To Sam and Rachel both, success looks like being debt free, having financial freedom, and TIME. Their business has revolved around passive income for a while now, and they’re excited to continue growing that. And honestly? I’m stoked to watch them keep killing it and showing up in a BIG way in this online space.

KBB has impacted Sam and Rachel both personally and professionally in that they’re now laser-focused on their goals, which have also grown significantly. They’re also better at seeing the long-term picture of how they can help people. And they finally have clarity in exactly what it is they want to do.

More than the benefits and growth that come with taking KBB, Sam and Rachel say they found some of the biggest value in the mentorship group I created to walk through KBB as a community last year.

“The JKxKBB group and Jenna’s mentorship was hands down worth my money and I would pay it all over again,” Sam said. “KBB empowers you to see possibilities. It makes you feel successful before you have even started. Plus… I wish I could start every single morning with one of Jenna’s pep talks.”

Ready to finally go after your dreams and create a career you adore?

Learn about KBB and how you can join!

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